Changing my morning breakfast routine #ad

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:15 pm

changing my morning breakfast routine with Tropicana

Breakfast is one of those funny meal times for people. You either love waking up and eating right away or you don’t. Growing up, it was the meal I ignored the most, didn’t make time for, and skipped most days. Horrible, I know. It’s the most important meal of the day. I was young and thinking about how I was going to kick start my day was the last of my worries, in my twenties. It was only when I turned thirty that I began to really change my morning breakfast routine for the better. In my thirties, I am kinder to my body and more aware of what I should and shouldn’t put into it. Over the last two years, I really have improved my exercise and diet tremendously. I started by following a healthy, balanced diet. Then, it was joining a Zumba and Yoga along with some kettlebell routines I do at home for exercise. Now that I have my eating habits in check  (for the most part) and my exercise routines in place; it was time to work on my breakfast routine. 

My first excuse for skipping breakfast was not wanting to wake up earlier. I love my sleep. Even though I am a morning person it has to be a reasonable hour for me to get out of bed. As soon as the alarm goes off, I used to allocated just enough time to get dressed, makeup on, feed the kids and run out the door. This put a wedge between me and breakfast time. While the kids were having their amazingly, nutritious breakfast, I would be finishing my hair or loading up their school bag/nursery bag for the day. Instead I should have been making my own breakfast along side their breakfast which is what I do now. While I don’t have time to sit down at the table every morning for breakfast there is never a reason to skip it all together. So in came my little white breakfast tray routine that works perfectly for me. It’s like the luxury of bringing breakfast to bed every morning. 

changing my morning breakfast routine with Tropicana

When I make the kids breakfast now, I make my own breakfast tray to take upstairs with me while I finish getting ready. At an arms length, I can have my toast with cheese spread and cinnamon or a piece of fresh fruit and a little glass of Tropicana orange juice. Somedays it might be just oatmeal and juice or fruit bread and juice to kick start my day. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s perfect to give me the energy I need in the morning. If it’s not a busy weekday you can be sure this tray does actually end up in my bed with me while I scroll through my instagram. Or if we have a busy packed weekend planned, I make the whole family scrumptious fruit smoothies, packed full of nutrients. 

Gone are the days I am starving by noon and making bad eating decisions because I am so hungry. Gone are the mornings I feel sluggish and unmotivated because I know how to start the day out right now. It’s funny how much more we take care of ourselves in our thirties than our twenties. I really wish I had started being kinder to my body when I was younger. It definitely catches up with us if we don’t. My skin feels better when I am taking care of myself. I feel better for it too. It’s about feeling healthy and beautiful too, isn’t it? changing my morning breakfast routine with Tropicanachanging my morning breakfast routine with Tropicanachanging my morning breakfast routine with Tropicana

changing my morning breakfast routine with Tropicana

Do you have a morning breakfast routine? Have you tried making the mornings flow better by making your breakfast with your kids’ breakfast? Or do you skip breakfast all together? Sometimes it’s just about juggling a few different things in the morning to find what works best for you. Whether it be having a glass of juice along side a healthy breakfast for an extra boost of vitamins or putting a splash of juice in your breakfast smoothie to kick start your day, I can guarantee you will feel like you have more energy than without any breakfast at all. Remember our bodies need energy to function. changing my morning breakfast routine with Tropicana

If orange isn’t your favorite flavor have you tried other fruit juice flavors? There are so many to choose from like these favorites of mine, above. I love anything with Apple and it’s my favorite one to drink along side my breakfast oatmeal whereas the Ruby Breakfast flavor is my favorite to blend with ice and mango for a fruit smoothie. The kids absolutely love having their juice blended with ice to make a juice slushy on a hot day. You can really get creative with how you start your morning off. What is your favorite flavor? 
changing my morning breakfast routine with Tropicana


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