Home Interior Hacks for Renters

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:19 pm

For many people, renting is not the ideal lifestyle. If you have a natural creativity for home interiors and a desire to put your own stamp on a place, the limitations that come with renting can be really off putting. But don’t worry I have some interior hacks that are going to help you.

Renting can offer an amazing way of life, with a freedom and flexibility that doesn’t quite come with homeownership. And the lack of control with your home styling does not have to be a problem. There are plenty of easy hacks out there for renters that will turn a property from dull to dazzling…

Home Interior Hacks for Renters:

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Get Paint on the Walls

Now, you might fall at the first hurdle here as not all landlords will allow you to paint the walls in your rented property. However, it is always worth asking the question. If the walls in your property aren’t already white, maybe explore the option of painting them white.

Landlords will usually stick to a neutral colour palette – and what is more neutral than white? White makes the perfect blank canvas for you to put your own stamp on a space as it goes with pretty much everything. It also makes a room look bright, clean and airy. Have a chat with your landlord and see what they would be happy with you changing. You might be surprised at their reaction and you may even be doing them a favour!

Bring the Outside, Inside

There are endless benefits to filling your space with house plants. Sharing your space with other living things can certainly make somewhere feel more like home. Not only do house plants look great, but they breathe air into any room – literally. Plants have really had their moment within interior trends over the last few years and it’s so easy to get hold of hundreds of different types of plants.

Not only that, but caring for plants can be a really therapeutic part of your routine. Experiment with different colours and textures, combining structured succulents with hanging plants, and have fun with colourful vases and pots.

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Ensure Good Lighting

Nothing says home like a cosy atmosphere. Lighting is the best way to achieve this. Your landlord is unlikely to put too much thought into lighting other than a ceiling bulb in each room, which can result in poor lighting. You can up the ante with the use of lamps.

Make sure pretty much each corner of a room is well-lit. You can do this by adding statement floor lamps, or a few ornate and quirky table lamps. To achieve that cosy evening glow in your lounge and bedrooms, opt for warm, lower wattage bulbs to give that relaxing feel that every home needs.

Store and Display

One of the most frustrating things about renting is not being able to nail things to the walls – and dressing walls is such an important part of interior design. Although most, if not all, landlords will compare landlord insurance policies to ensure that they are as protected as possible, however nails in the wall can leave damage behind for the next tenant.

To create some height and fill some of that blank empty space on your walls, invest in a large freestanding bookcase. Not only will it create the dimension you need in a room, but it also offers a great space for storage and display for books, prints, plants and all those sentimental little nik-naks that make a place feel like home and really reflect what you are all about.

Whether your rented home is a stepping stone before home ownership, or whether you are there to stay – make the most of the space you are living in. Interior design is no longer a limitation for renters – it just takes a little more creativity and a few interior hacks!


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