Repainting Your Walls? Here’s How To Begin


When you are repainting your walls, no decor is safe. Well, if you make sure to protect everything it will be. But how do you make sure your home doesn’t turn into a splatter zone after your painting has been done? It’s not as simple as just putting some sheets down, there’s a lot of things you need to do to prepare your home for a large project like this. 

Temperature control

If you want your walls to dry sooner and have less drippage, you should consider lowering the room temperature. This helps the paint to dry quicker and the paint to stick to the walls without any trouble. If you find that your brush strokes don’t stick the paint to the walls as you see the ends of your strokes causing drippage, this is because the walls have absorbed moisture. So you should also consider allowing the air in the room to be fully circulated before you begin painting, so any moisture in the room is vented out and only a cool temperature remains.

Store your items

Unless you want to always be bumping into your decor, then you need to store your items out of sight and out of mind. Using a self storage unit is great for this task. You can keep your items in there for however long you want, only you have access to them and you can get them back whenever you want. In other words, if you finish your project at midnight and you want to bring your sofa and coffee table back at that hour, then you can thanks to 24-7 access. 

Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels

Cover your floor

The next issue is to cover the floor with something that will protect it from paint droplets. You can use any old bed sheets if you want but these can be a pain as they are hard to keep in place. If you are using a roller platform and or scaffolding to paint your home, then the fabric might get caught in the wheels or underneath your feet to cause an annoyance. So it’s best to use clear sheeting plastic which can be rolled and cut to your liking. This can also be tapped to the skirting boards which give you are solid floor protector.

Apply sugar soap water

Make a concussion at home to apply to the walls, so you can remove any small bits of debris and dirt. All you need is sugar and soap. The sugar is coarse and will remove any bits of dirt that are stuck in crevices. The soap will get rid of the dust that sticks onto the walls after a while. Using a normal brush without this mixture, soak it in lukewarm water to go over the walls again. 

Repainting your walls will give your home a brand new look and feel. But you have to get the whole project right, store your items, cover the floor and control the temperature to help the paint stick to the walls with ease.


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