Mother’s Day crafting with Cath Kidston

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Pink purple and cream paper flower bouquet, with a few additional flowers scattered on the table

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than to do a lovely Mother’s Day crafting together. My own mother has just arrived from the states to spend a few weeks with us and we are so excited because that means for once we get to celebrate Mother’s Day together. Even though it’s not our USA Mother’s Day we are taking the UK celebrations on board and have enjoyed doing something special things together. So we normally don’t splash out for Mother’s Day but this year is a special one. We have kicked started the celebrations this year by attending a lovely Mother’s Day event in London and the following day did some sightseeing, just the two of us. It’s such a lovely experience traveling and doing things with my mother as much as it is with my kids.

My mother is the ultimate crafter. I swear there isn’t a thing she can’t do. So I was ever so excited to have a day of Mother’s Day crafting with this gorgeous Cath Kidston paper flower kit. We sat around the table, after reading the lovely directions, and set our supplies out. Through chatting and catching up we got to work and a few hundred cups of coffee later, a beautiful bouquet.

Tools for creating paper flowers. Crepe paper petals, a ruler and scissors on a table

Now I am not going to lie, it’s a project that calls for patience making paper flowers. At first there was more silence trying to figure out the best tactic to keep from glueing your hands right to the delicate crepe paper but once we got going it just took time. The best thing about doing fun craft projects with my mom is that we can sit and work on it together while spending quality time together.

Living a whole ocean and continent apart it’s hard that we don’t get to do this as much as we like. I know it was my decision to move far away but it’s holidays like Mother’s Day that make me just want to run home to be with her. This year’s Mother’s Day has truly been extra special just having her here with us. I don’t think I will let her back on that plane come home time.

I would never call myself a crafter but I pride myself when I can follow directions and create pretty things. These paper hydrangeas came out gorgeous in the end. (after many hours of gentle glueing together). But now I have this gorgeous Cath Kidston pitcher vase to display them forever and a whole lot of memorable moments with my mother to be reminded of every time I look at them.

A jug with a bouquet of crepe paper flowers, with a few flowers around it2 crepe paper flowers lying on a tableA jug willed with crepe paper flowers in pink and purples

The beauty of this project is you can make any color of petals you like with your crepe paper. You can cluster all the same colors together in bundles like the directions did above or you can alternate colors like I did and make smaller bundles of multicolored petals. I went for this look as I thought the multicolored  style would really go well with this beautiful vase.

I am already dreaming of doing all white ones for my bedroom upstairs. And for these paper flowers, they will make great food photography props as well. They are already living in my new back room that I am decorating for summer. Instagram here I come! Watch out for them.A bunch of paper flowers laid next to a jug with flowers on itA jug decorated with flowers, and a few crepe paper flowers next to itA bunch of hand made crepe paper flowers in a jug

Overall, I would say it’s an easy process just a long one so don’t think you can make all this in an hour or two for that party you are hosting. But I would say they look even better in person than the photos and such a fun activity for a day of crafting with loved ones. Please watch out for the green dye that comes off on your hands when working with the leaves and stems. Don’t forget to keep some extra petals and leaves out to have fun with some styling shots like I did. This might be my new table centrepiece for spring or end up spring up in various places all over my house.

Why not pin this photo below for future reference when you have time to sit and enjoy some Mother’s Day crafting of your own? It’s such a beautiful end result, don’t you think?

Mother's Day crafting with Cath Kidston a craft kit

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  1. Oh how lovely that you get to spend Mother’s Day together! The flowers look so pretty I absolutely love them x

    • Thanks lovely we don’t often get to so it was really extra special this year. The kids got so involved in Mother’s Day too this year so I think it’s my favorite one so far.


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