What my Mother taught me

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What hasn’t my Mother taught me? 

As we get closer to Mother’s Day this weekend, I am reflecting back at all that she taught me. Whether she knows it or not I learned so much from  her just by watching her. It makes me than think about the kind of Mother I am and what I do in front of my daughter, to teach her. 

Our Mother’s are our first role models. They are the first to teach us new things as we grow up right from birth. Throughout my life my Mother has been my rock, my role model, my closest friend too. When ever I didn’t know what to do about something, or how to do it I ran to my Mother.  

Lucky for me she always seemed to have the answers too. It was like she was some magical oracle (which me and my siblings actually called her this growing up) that knew the right fix or the right way to handle whatever we threw at her. She has taught me big things from budgeting my money, how to be a good person, respect to smaller things like baking and laundry advice. 

The big things she continues to share her knowledge and tips along the way. I love that I know I can count on her and go to her with anything. I hope that my own daughter feels the same way about me as she gets older. I am lucky to have that close bond with my mother and try to be the best mother I can be myself. 

The small things she has been amazing at passing tips down. She is a great crafter and baker. I try my hardest to attempt the amazing food creations and crafts she has done. Sometimes we get a chance to do them together which is always quality time well spent. I remember a time that I couldn’t even figure out my own laundry when I first moved out of the house. I was 18 years old and clueless. She not only taught me how to separate and turn on my machine but some amazing washing tips along the way, like how to remove sweat stains out of my gym clothes, it happens, use half and half water and lemon juice and hang in the sun to treat for a few hours, easy. 

Whether it is big or small she is constantly teaching me things just by being her. I pay a huge appreciation to her for being the very best Mother to me and showing me how to be the very best Mother to my own daughter. I am glad the three of us this year get to actually spend it together, making it extra special. 

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

What my Mother taught me Mother's Day

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  1. This is really beautiful. I hope Addison feels half of what you have written as she grows older.
    Not having that relationship with my Mom or her even raising me for half my life means I always want to try extra hard xx


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