How to survive a busy life schedule with Scentered

Last updated on May 12th, 2022 at 10:54 am

Have you heard of Scentered before?

Nor, had I until now. I am so glad I did. I live a very busy life schedule. With three kids, working full time, husband working full time and the kids in various sports activities, there is little time to relax. But it is so important to find time for yourself, relax and reset so that you can keep that busy life schedule going.

I used to be one of those that didńt believe in essential oils and aromatherapy. It was because I was one of those people that hadńt tried them other than the odd body massage I got at the spa. Now, I use them daily and I can honestly tell you it makes a big difference.

The essential oils I have seen in the past always seemed to get oil everywhere, like at the spa. I can image little bottles of oil either spilled in handbags or leaked on something and was messy. I love how Scentered have really made their essential oils travel friendly and user friendly. No more leaks and spills, no more pouring too much at a time. They have easy to carry with you wherever you go, balm sets and aromatherapy candles too.

They also have a Wellbeing Ritual to aid you in finding your calm and happy place. It really is something you should try if you feel like you are constantly rushing around, like I do, and never finding enough time each day to just take a breathe.

Have you ever lit a candle and just felt relaxed instantly? The scent just made you think happy thoughts or sleepy? Yes, that is the whole point. Just imagine putting the kids to bed each night and then giving yourself 5 to 10 minutes to relax and reset yourself with an aromatherapy candle lit. Perhaps take a hot bath with a Scentered candle or two.

Bath times are definitely my relaxing and resetting time. I love lighting candles and read my book amongst the bubbles and just free my mind of any stress or to do lists that might still be lurking in my brain.

The Scentered candles come with a refill duo candle. So you can easily burn the one that is in the glass jar like above and then rip the paper off the refill one and pop it in your empty jar to refill it. What a great concept!

Scentered is not just for relaxing and resetting either. They have balms for Happiness and focusing too. I love these when I wake up in the morning and need to get work done. They even have a balm for love.

The balms are easy to apply. Just rub on your pulse points, wrists, neck, temples. Each one will tell you just where it should go depending on what it is for. They really have made it easy for someone that hasńt ever used essential oils before too. Which one do you think you would use the most?

There are many various balm sets and wellbeing gift sets you can get from Scentered. It would make the perfect gift for Christmas coming up or any special occasion. Why not give the gift of happiness?

I have this lovely Signature Ritual collection that they kindly gifted me to test out. I take it everywhere with me now. My husband has even stolen one of his favourites so he can use it too. It is great for traveling and easy to pack with this little teal carrying case it comes in. I wońt leave home without it again.

So go on pop over to Scentered and see what is on offer. They have loads of sets to choose from and start resetting and giving yourself the self-care you deserve each day. It really will change your life and doesńt take all that much time either to change a bad day to a good night.

Have you used essential oils and aromatherapy before? What is your favourite?

  • Collaboration, we were sent these items to test out but all photos and opinions are our own.

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