Jaques of London Toys for Christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and no doubt a lot of family and friends birthdays too. Jaques of London has amazing toys and games for kids for every special occasion. We are so excited to show you two of Little O favourite new additions lately.

The Wooden Dinosaur Carpark will not disappoint. Nor will the Star Reward Chart. In our house both have been a huge highlight and help for me too.

From the moment he opened his beautifully package Jaques of London box, his face was lit up. He didńt even open the box all the way before he saw the vibrant dinosaurs sticking out and squealed. He is mad for Dinosaurs at the moment.

I am really impressed with how brightly colored and detailed the carpark is for a wooden toy. You can see it is built to last and high quality. This toy mixed everything thing Little O loves, his cars and his dinosaurs. He played with it nonstop the first day he opened it which gave me a lot of time to clean up around him. Win-win. They are the perfect toys for 2 year olds.

Sometimes as parents, when we are thinking of what to buy our kids, we make it complicated. Sometimes simple and less is really more. They dońt need some fancy sensory or digital learning device all the time. I only wish I hadńt shown him this so he could have it for Christmas. How am I supposed to beat his two favourite toys in one?

Like most children they figure out just how many different ways you can play with a one toy, faster than us parents can get creative and make something up. When I thought putting cars up and down the carpark will fizzle out after a few hours of it…he turned it over and let the Dinosaurs take over.

¨It was no longer a place to race but a place to roar¨, he said.

The Jaques of London Star Reward Chart couldńt have come at a better time. We are transitioning Little O into big boy things in preparation of school next year. I know, I cańt believe it either.

The Start Reward Chart is suitable for two children if you want. In our case we adopted a thumbs up as good and a star as great system on our chart. Appropriate for ages 3 and above. Each task and star/thumbs up is magnetic making it easy to use over and over again. They are the perfect toys for 3 year olds.

He has been struggling with crying when he knows he has to go to nursery, a few days a week. Ever since we added it to his new Start Reward Chart, he actually did one whole week without crying on the way there. He always comes out bouncing happy so we know he loves it. The Star Reward Chart also lets him see the good results of not crying on the way to nursery too. It has made a big difference.

I love how proud he is of his new chart. He has become quite the little helper around the house just to earn a few extra thumbs up and stars. It is a great system to have two positive ways to encourage them and reward them. I love the stars and thumbs up. It is a fun way to learn responsibility.

I could do with another one for my older two kids. They also could learn a few things from their littlest brother too. I love how reward charts teach them accountability at a young age. It is so important to introduce as earlier as possible, in a positive way.

He also likes to think of himself as a big boy now. He is now out of a crib and out of a high chair and stroller so those baby days are truly over. In preparation for starting school, I think his new Star Reward Chart is giving him that next step of independence too. Relying on him to do more things for himself like getting dresses and making his bed, is good baby steps to get him ready. I do believe it will help make his Reception transition easier too because they use a reward chart system at our school too. it means it wońt be foreign to him or seem scary to have that responsibility on him.

In hindsight, I wish I had used a reward chart system with my two older ones. I might still at 10 and 8 years old introduce one. It is never too late to reward kids for good responsible behaviour, is it? As long as it is positive. Sometimes parenting can have its challenges but these really do help the child as much as the parent.

Collaboration, these items were sent to us to test them out but all photos and opinions are our own.

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