New Wooden World of Peppa Pig Toys Collection Review

Peppa Pig has made its way into our lives! It was bound to happen sooner or later with three kids. Now, it comes in wood too! Introducing the new Wooden World of Peppa Pig toy collection below!

When I had my first baby, I had never heard of Peppa Pig. Shortly after, I had another baby but probably as an American, I stuck to cartoons I had watched as a kid. But the craze that is Peppa Pig since I had my two older ones has more than tripled!!

New Wooden World of Peppa Pig

From the moment Baby O was born, Peppa Pig has been right there with him. People have bought him toys for his birthday, the older kids watch it (and secretly love it) with him all the time and we pretend to be Peppa Pig and her family too.

New Wood Toys of Peppa Pig Range:

We have been testing out the new wooden world of Peppa Pig toys. Bringing all the favorite classic toys into a new sustainable wood collection. Each Peppa’s World of Wooden Toys is made with high quality, durable and sustainable FSC Certified Wood and vibrant color design.

Peppa Pig’s Wooden Family Home

The detail on Peppa Pig’s family home is vibrant and the perfect match to the cartoon version. Right away, Baby O recongized it and started snorting!

This playset comes with a wooden Peppa Pig figure, a bath, oven, fridge, TV and bench seat. It also has two tables that can be turned upside down and used as single beds or even bunk beds like Peppa and George have!

The figure has a round bottom stand for easy fit in any of the wooden world sets and it also helps with little ones hand-eye coordination. The bench seat has slots provided for the figure to slot into for stability.

Peppa Pig’s Wooden Family Car

Designed for easy pushing along the floor and exploring any destination around the house, Peppa Pig’s red car was a huge hit here. Most importantly, it’s Baby O’s favorite color, he loves Peppa and cars. He has been carrying it all over the house with him wherever he goes. It gets drove on the cabinets, on the table, on the floor and even in our garden.

It comes with a wooden Peppa Pig figure with the round “drop and play” feet to slot in the seats perfectly. The design is durable and chunky perfect for those little ones that might play harder with their toys. It pairs perfectly with Peppa Pig’ wooden family home too! This is a car made to last a long time.

Grandpa Pig’s Wooden Train

Baby O’s other favorite new toy is this lovely wooden train set with Grandpa Pig driving. We have been putting our imagination to the test driving Grandpa Pig’s train all over the place. Picking up other passengers.

It comes with a yellow and blue carriage and bright red engine. Each piece has magnets on the front and you can link them together. With smooth rolling wheels, it’s a train that easily choo-choo around.

Peppa Pig’s Wooden Mini Vehicles

Go cruising with a selection of Peppa Pig’s wooden mini vehicles. From Daddy Pig driving a red car, Rebecca Rabbit in her aeroplane, the whole family along on a yellow bus, to Rebecca a Rabbit driving the train engine. All four are durable and adorable. The chunky style is perfect for little hands to get creative and scoot along together linking them via their magnets.

Other classic toys now available in the Wooden World of Peppa Pig are Peppa Pig’s Wooden Boat, Wooden Aeroplane, Wooden School House, and Wooden Family Pack.

All items in the Wooden World of Peppa of Toys collection is suitable for children aged 2+ and available online from August 2020.

It’s fantastic that such a big brand like Peppa Pig has taken the steps to create amazing toys that spark the imagination and enhance learning skills whilst thinking about the environment and sustainability of our planet.

Pricing for Peppa Pig’s Wooden collection

Family Home £29.99

Big Red Car £12.99

Family Figure Set £9.99

Grandpa Pig’s Train £19.99

School House £29.99

Sorter School Bus £29.99

Aeroplane £19.99

Boat £14.99

Mini Vehicles £4.99 each

Baby O is over the moon with his new wooden world of peppa pig toy range. We can’t wait to add to his collection. It’s definitely his tv favorite show and toys.

These toys genuinely were made to last with their wooden design and chunky durability and therefore are great for ages 2+ years old.

They sell them world wide as of August 2020. Go get your favorite figures, from your favorite show, in wood!!!


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