Have a Glastonbury Festival 2020 at Home

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 01:47 pm

Around the world this year, big summer events like Glastonbury Festival 2020 are being cancelled. All big 2020 summer events are almost nonexistent now. It’s time to put the thinking cap on and start planning alternative summer events for the family.

I normally plans to go back to America have been cancelled too. So I really want to make this summer as special as I can as the kids are missing out on what we normally do with our American family.

Why not have a Glastonbury Festival 2020 at home with the family instead?

family festivals at home

We replayed the last few years worth of favorite bands on the tv and had ourselves a family festival at home.

The kids thought it was the best thing ever. What else were we to do on a gloomy, rainy day? It kept them entertained and happy for hours. We got our daily exercise by dancing together too!

bagel burgers

Festival Food:

What’s your favorite festival food? Do any bring back memories of festivals in the past?

You can’t have a family festival at home without some fun food. We put on a spread of bagel burgers, Doritos, and cake and Prosecco too. It wasn’t fancy. It doesn’t need to be fancy. It’s all about finger foods and nibbles in between songs. The next best thing to festival food trucks is having bagel burgers!

festival food
2020 summer events at home
tesco festival food

What other 2020 summer events have been cancelled that you could recreate at home with your family? How about a tennis party in the back garden perhaps for a Wimbledon at home party?

I know we are going to be doing some fun recreating summer events at home over summer to keep things unique and entertaining on those rain days ahead.

Have you ever had a bagel burger???? Why not try one with all the trimmings and you will be converted, I promise!!!! No more buns!

I think we will make a new tradition to have some family festivals at home every year. Our Glastonbury Festival 2020 was so much fun that the kids have asked us to do it again soon.

What do you have planned this for 2020 summer?

This year is the year of the Staycation. Everyone is having festivals at home like us and renovating their homes to perfection. There is no reason why a holiday revamp with your home can’t be just as relaxing and rewarding as the read deal. Sofa-bound siestas to bikinis in the back garden with the nice weather we have been getting too. In fact, the lovely summer weather is the perfect excuse for some retail therapy to update your wardrobe; you can see our range of short sleeved dresses online for some inspiration. This sounds like a holiday to me.

We have been putting our final touches to our home and adding some great areas of the house to cozy up in as we are home a lot more now too.

Next to 2020 summer events at home and revamping the house, why not lift the vacation spirit with a little Staycation bingo at home too. Print them out and have a go!

It’s the year to get creative with more at home celebrations and fun!

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