Pregnancy: 30 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:11 pm

Pregnant 30 weeks bump watch pregnancy diaries

We hit the final 10 week stretch. Or in my case, I am always half way through the week that I share with you. So I am 30 weeks + 4 days today. It’s feeling so real, so soon, and I am so excited. I can’t wait to hold baby “no name” taylor in my arms. It seems I have a lot on my to do list the next few weeks and than Easter to look forward to and before I know it, May will be here.

It’s USA Mother’s Day in May and I keep thinking what a lovely gift he would be to arrive on my special day. 😉 I know we all just celebrated UK Mother’s Day which might be my last one ever as a mother of two. We kept it low key and stayed at home to play in the garden since the weather was so nice. I can’t believe within four days we had snow and freezing temperatures and than 12 degrees a few days later. It was unreal. We went from hats, gloves and wellies to literally tshirts in our garden in one week. Only in the UK would that happen.

With the Easter half term holidays just around the corner, I plan to do nothing. That never means I am doing nothing but I always think if I don’t put it on the calendar I can’t say I am not relaxing and preparing for baby. We have the painters and decorators coming this week to repaint B’s room as it’s going to be the nursery when he moves into the new loft. I have a few more projects elsewhere in the house I want to cross off my list during the half term so I can officially say, I am ready for baby. Let’s call it nesting.

Pregnant 30 weeks bump watch pregnancy diaries



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: “Oh you have dropped, haven’t you?”

Dropped? Have I dropped my keys? Nope, they are referring to the baby bump again. Lately I feel like he is trying to escape earlier like his sister. Wouldn’t be a surprise. But I am hoping he at least gives me a few more weeks to get things caught up at home and with work. I need to have a better time management plan in order before he can say hello to the world. Not that we get to choose these things. Now that I have wrote that I bet he will come late like his older brother. hahahaha Typical.


My mood has really changed. I am moody and have no patience. I feel guilty with the other kids in tow having mom half there, half checked out. I am more tired all the time now. Half due to my new vertigo medicine that is drowsy and half because I am 30 weeks + pregnant and still running around with my head cut off.

My sleep is broken now. I guess that’s part of the end and also preparing me for all those night feeds. I have a lot of pressure down below and my calves keep cramping which they never did that before. It wakes me suddenly and then my brain turns on and I am wide awake for a few hours running through the next day’s to do lists. hahaha

Body wise, the bump has dropped. So answer to the above questions, YES! I can feel him snuggling right down into my pelvis like my other two did the last few weeks and didn’t move until they wanted out. It makes sitting very uncomfortable as much as lying down. I full on waddle now which makes me both laugh and huff and puff.


I am still wanting everything salty which doesn’t help the water retention. I am a little more hungrier throughout the day than I was before but once I start eating there doesn’t seem room for the amount I want to eat to satisfy that hunger. It’s a vicious circle.


I spent most of the afternoon on Mother’s Day building nursery furniture. Yes, it was me, not hubby that did it. I am the DIY/HANDYMAN in our house. Those are my tools in the shed and every shelf or redecorating has been solely by me. Don’t worry hubby was on hand, lying on the bed talking to me while I did it. Supervising, he said. How sweet.

I feel better having a crib and a dresser now, at least for baby clothes to go into and a corner of B’s room just to pile all the new baby stuff. I don’t remember where I hid and put all this baby stuff when I had the first two. I can’t remember there being big bath inserts, breastfeeding pillows and pumps just thrown all over but maybe it was. My memory isn’t being kind to me to help in these matters. I keep looking for places to put it all out of the way.

I need to mentally prepare for the busy routines and running around that I will be doing becoming a mom of three. I don’t know why after having done this two times already, you think I would be more calm and yet I am the opposite. I overthink things a lot more now and just in anticipation of what’s to come I guess too. I know we will be fine and get on with it like everyone else. The crazy pregnancy dreams don’t help either.

Other than that, I am keeping up with my body pump, pilates and gym sessions each week. I want to make it easier for me to get back to my size after baby with no added pressure. I want it to be a healthy and calm transition back to me. I also am aware it might take longer now that I am 34 years old instead of 26 having a baby. It’s a big difference. I am under no false pretences either. It will take as long as it takes but I know the gym also helps me in labor so there is more motivation than one there.

I hope you have enjoyed my pregnancy journey and coming to the final end will follow along with baby spam and the baby’s milestones to come too. It’s been such a gift to be able to document my last pregnancy on my blog. Something I never got the chance to do with my other two kids. I will love looking back at these posts in the future.

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 30 Weeks Bump Watch”

  1. It sounds like you’re doing really well. I wish I could do some exercise but my back is really giving me so many problems that I just can’t at the moment. Although I’m only a couple of weeks behind you, you’re way ahead in the organisational stuff than me. I’m still weighing up options for a crib and a pram as well. We have, however got most of the clothes that we will need so I’m pleased with that. My bump is still really high up so it feels like the baby is sitting inside my ribcage at the moment. I’m really excited now!!

  2. Oh how amazing would it be if he arrived on US Mother’s Day?!! Best MD present EVER!! I always see the 30 week mark as the home stretch but then it’s still ten weeks to go. This is when things got really hard for me with PSD I was in pain whenever I walked too far.

    Not long now xxx

  3. I was 33 when I had my last baby and I don’t think it hindered me getting back to my old self physically really. I was definitely more tired though but that might well have been down to having 3 demanding kids to deal with instead of one! I think you’re looking fab Jenny. Two words of advice though: Slow Down! xx


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