Nature Playhouse + Kitchen by Smoby Review

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A boy and girl are in a Smoby playhouse in the garden. The boy is standing in the doorway and the girl is sticking her head out of the window and smiling

We have been introduced to Smoby’s Nature Playhouse and Kitchen. It’s the perfect playhouse and kitchen for my three kids to get creative and play make believe together. I love that they can learn a few things too.

Smoby has thought of everything that little ones love about play – whether that’s pretending to be like their parents with cool kitchen gadgets or getting creative with their siblings inside their playhouse together.

A front view of a cream colour kids garden playhouse with a red roof

About the Smoby Nature Playhouse and Kitchen:

Price: £149.99

Age recommendation: 2-8 years (that’s all three of mine)

This colorful playhouse has everything my kids need to play and cook tasty dishes thanks to the included grill and accessories like sausages, glasses, plates and cutlery, for the perfect alfresco dining experience.

The playhouse is anti-UV treated and features four window openings but if your little one wants some shade, they can simply slide the shutters closed.

A kids plastic garden playhouse with an outdoor play kitchen area

Smoby Nature Playhouse Dimensions:

Dimensions: 145 x 110 x 127cm.

The playhouse is big enough for 2 kids to fit in comfortably, and 3 if they’re able to squeeze without squabbling too much.

The flat parts of a children's playhouse before it is built.

Is The Smoby Nature Playhouse And Kitchen Easy To Assemble?

Absolutely. With easy to follow assembly instructions to guide you every step of the way. Smaller parts come connected and you have to snap them off their plastic frame. Be sure none is sticking out or it can scratch your little one if you don’t break the tabs all the way off.

Took only about 15-20 minutes to put together and the kids were squealing in anticipation to play inside.

2 children in a playhouse and one outside and talking to them through the window. The children are all smiling and laughing

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What we love about the Smoby Nature Playhouse and Kitchen!

In our garden, there is no shade. So for us to have a place for the kids to play outdoors while it’s sunny, safely is a huge bonus for us.

We also love how spacious it is inside. We have two little chairs setup inside it for the kids to sit in it together. All three kids fit comfortably inside they are ages 2,7,8 years old.

The inside of a kids playhouse. the red roof is making the lighting inside tinged red.

The make-believe kitchen set is fabulous to get their creative juices flowing. Now it’s just a matter of who is going to cook! Never thought they would be fighting for the job role but I wish that was the case in our house.

A small plastic sink and grill area of a kids toy outdoor kitchen. There are little plastic dishes on the surface.
A child playing on the kitchen area of a Smoby Nature Playhouse
A toddler holding plastic food as he plays in a toy kitchen attached to the side of a green playhouse

This playhouse and kitchen for kids is worth every penny. I feel like it helps entertain them as much as get them to play out real life skills like cleaning the kitchen up!

A boy coming out of the doorway of a Smoby nature playhouse

All about the Playhouse and Kitchen Design:

The design is gorgeous. Bursting with vibrant colors and easy to open window shutters and door.

The roofline of a Smoby playhouse. The front of the house is cream with butterflies by the roof, while the roof itself is red.

The kitchen area is easy to wipe down after raining and has a little space for all your kitchen bits.

A girl playing with a toy kitchen
A girl drying the dishes in a toy kitchen

Just don’t forget to poke the hole in the bottom of sink or it is almost impossible to get all the water drained after it’s full.

A young boy bending down to hook utensils into play on a toy kitchen

There are side hooks for utensils and a kitchen towel to really bring their cooking and cleaning skills into practice.

The stove buttons click to make sounds just like a really stove and the faucet lifts up.

The green side of a garden playhouse. There are some potted plants and  animals in plastic on the side

I love the fun little characters on each side making it a cute garden attraction too.

We can’t wait for the kids to have friends around and have a space for them to all play and get creative together.

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