The Ultimate Guide To Buying Christmas Presents

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 01:38 pm

While we all love the excitement of Christmas morning and seeing all the presents under the tree, finding and buying the perfect Christmas presents can be really stressful. Sometimes you just don’t know where to look, and occasionally you just have no clue what they might even like. But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. Below are some of my best tips for buying Christmas presents, so you can relax and enjoy the festive season.

The 5 Present Rule

It can be easy to go wild at Christmas, especially when it comes to kids. You see something you’d think they like, and then another, and then another, add in the stocking stuffers and before you know it you’ve blown the budget and bought them more gifts than they could ever really need. If you want to reduce the amount of clutter at Christmas then you might want to adopt the 5 present rule.

So what is the 5 present rule? This is when you buy just 5 presents for each person, with each present falling into a certain category. There is an easy rhyme to help you remember the first 4 presents.

Something they want

Something they need

Something to wear

Something to read

So what about the 5th gift? That is when you get to be a bit more creative. It shouldn’t be something they need or want, it should be that big wow gift that totally takes them by surprise. The 5th gift is my favourite part of Christmas.

Buying Gifts For Kids

It’s all well and good when children write a list to Santa and you can get an idea about what they want for Christmas, but what if that list is filled with unrealistic and overly expensive ideas? Or what if it’s from a baby or toddler with wildly unreliable decision making. Sometimes you just need a little help when it comes to buying gifts for kids.

A Jaques Of London reward chart, with a child's hand touching it

Jaques Of London Toys For Christmas

For beautifully packaged gifts for kids look no further than Jaques Of London. They have beautifully crafted wooden toys in bright and engaging colours that children will love. Read More.

A cream coloured stocking filled with Mamia baby food pouches

Baby Stocking Stuffers

Don’t go overboard on baby’s first Christmas. Fill your baby’s stocking with useful items at a low price. You can still get in the festive spirit with these practical stocking stuffer ideas for baby. Read More.

Kids toys lined up on the ground

Top 10 Toys For Christmas

10 ideas for toys for kids this Christmas. Watch out for these on their list to Santa and get ahead of the game by purchasing them early. I’ve done the thinking so you don’t have to. Read More.

A boy and a girl are sitting crossed legged on the floor. They give each other a double high five over the game they are playing

Ensure You Buy The Perfect Gift Every Time

Need to buy a child gift? Don’t have a clue what to get them, what is age appropriate or what they might even like these days? Well, I am here to introduce to you the Wicked Uncle gift site! Read More.

Check out more of my best recipes for Christmas for ideas for what to cook in December

Where To Shop For Christmas Gifts

Often getting started is the hardest part. Below are my tips for where to shop for Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Often you can get everything you need in just a few stores

A Mac laptop on a table. A woman is holing an iPhone next to it

Safety Tips For Christmas Shopping Online

You need to be careful when you are Christmas shopping online. It can be a great way to avoid the crowds but do you really know what you are buying? Read more.

A box of Christmas fudge decorated with pictures of holly

Gift Different This Christmas With Unique Gifts

I spend a few weeks, each year, thinking about the perfect, unique gifts for my family. I like to think outside the box and make sure they don’t get duplicate gifts. Read More.

the best places to buy Christmas gifts

The Best Places To Buy Christmas Gifts Online

Make things easy for yourself this Christmas and shop online. I have listed the best retailers for shopping online so you can buy for the whole family in just a few clicks. Read More.

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