Exhausted and an empty weekend ahead #litteloves

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Friyay! It doesn’t feel like Friday. Matter of fact lately, days just seem to blur into one big one and I never really know what day it is. Life as a parent kinda of does that to you. There is no such thing as a weekend for a SAHM. This weekend is an empty weekend, full of absolutely no plans to do anything but clean, catch up, and relax if I can in between. We have been pretty much living out of suitcases and at other people’s houses in other countries for the better part of three months so it’s great to have one weekend where we do nothing! I have loved our adventurous three months and trying to cram as much as we can in before September but it has left me exhausted. I truly feel like somedays my head is very heavy and that I am not keeping up like I used to with chores, kids, and my blog. I am always wishing for September so things can slow down and find our old/new routine at home again.

This past week has been no different. We returned from Spain on Monday night, Tuesday was a catch up work day for me and Mr P while the kids went to nursery. Wednesday we were off with friends and I managed to clean out my entire kitchen, bathroom, hallway and closets and take three car loads to the charity shop. Thursday was swimming lessons and I was at a fun event at the Trafford Centre centered around food and drinks which was amazing but come Friday, today, I want my bed. 

Here’s the little things I am loving in the mist of our hectic week. 


I have been bad this week having not even read my SWM link ups yet and hardly any other blogs either. Sorry friends. I will make it up to you all. I am determined to sit down and read a good ‘real’ book so I took advantage of an hour and scooped of a thriller. Sometimes I love the bubble gum chic lit but sometimes I love a good suspense thriller and I think the thriller might keep me engaged at a time when my brain just won’t shut off enough to follow a light read. I bought this one a few days ago and my plan this weekend is to read it ALL! 

Martina Cole Good life book recommendation little loves


Have you heard? May Blogger’s Insight is now live. This month I am interviewing the beautiful Colette from We’re Going on an Adventure all about reviews and her linky.



I have waiting on my recorder two episodes of Scandal, two of Revenge, and eight of Grey’s Anatomy and in between my reading fest this weekend I am going to catch up on relaxing tv! I can’t wait. It’s about time I do nothing!


Excuse the grainy bedroom photos I really need a new full length mirror in a lighter room and excuse the bed hair I did actually take my new pj photo when I rolled out of bed. lol Had to be authentic didn’t it? I am loving my new Jack Wills pjs, I got some for Mr P as well in solid navy and he loves them too. So soft and we got them on sale – love a good bargain. Then I was dressed up for the food and drink event Thursday in my Ted Baker black dress and new Dune brown sandals. I have been wearing these sandals all week with everything I can, so comfortable.

Exhausted, an empty weekend ahead and what I wore this week Ted Baker Dress Jack Wills pyjamas


This week we made Daddy’s Father’s Day gifts. The kids loved picking out their favorite photos for their very own personalized books for Daddy and they just arrived. This year I was ahead of the game whereas last year I forgot until two days before. EEK. We are leaving to America right after Father’s Day so I wanted to do something special and this was great for the kids to get involved too.

The Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea PresentThe Perfect Father's Day Gift Idea Present


You can even enter to WIN a photo book yourself… 10 lucky winners!!! Enter here.

And lastly…

I have so much I want to share with you in the coming weeks. Our traveling and fun days out and some new room tours I have been working on too. The home is going through lots of changes lately just need to finalize them all so I can share. Hoping to also share my new fitness and health routine and a little transformation post from flab to fab soon too. Kettlebells are my still new best friend! 

Even though it’s been exhausting few months we have had so many great experiences we are grateful for. I will never complain about that but looking forward to an empty weekend ahead. 

I can and I will inspiring quotes


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9 thoughts on “Exhausted and an empty weekend ahead #litteloves”

  1. It sounds like you are having a really exciting time at the moment. I love nothing more than new PJs and you look pretty good first thing in the morning! Have a great weekend lovely x

  2. Loved that dress when I saw it on Instagram! So flattering! I bet you’re loving some down time after your crazy busy season… Make sure you relax! Tricky I know with small children… As you say, no such thing as a break at the weekend… At least not until they’re tucked up in bed! 😉

    • Oh thanks for following me over on instagram too. Loving down time indeed although cleaning and organizing the whole house hasn’t been much of a slow feet up experience. hahaha Never happens that way does it?

    • Thanks Carol. Oh no I am just as much human as the next. My duracell need replaced after this year. hahaha PJ day today and catch up on my blog while the kids nap. Been cleaning and organizing cupboards and closets instead. Ok so that’s not really relaxing but the best I can do with a to do list the size of my head.

  3. I think its always a good idea to have ‘nothing’ days planned, and it certainly seems you have had a busy few months Jenny. We had a ‘nothing’ day on Bank Holiday Monday, and it was nice to catch up on little jobs around the house, and let kids overdose on tv and iPads. Sometimes it just has to be done. Enjoy xx

  4. Wow you’ve been busy! Sounds like you definitely need a few days to relax. Love the foodie pics from your night out sampling all those gorgeous dishes, you lucky thing. Glad you had fun in Marbella, I love seeing the area through a tourists eyes. Have a good week lovely and make sure you find some time to chill x

  5. Gosh its been a very busy few months for you! You are in need of a much needed chilled weekend! {I do hope its happening!} Ive read a few Martina Cole books myself and they are really good aren’t they? Love your pj’s! They look extra comfy! Ooh your still watching Greys? You have not got to the good episodes yet Im guessing! Cant wait to here what you think xx


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