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Last updated on July 20th, 2022 at 08:27 pm

Need to buy a child gift? Don’t have a clue what to get them, what is age appropriate or what they might even like these days? Well, I am here to introduce to you the Wicked Uncle gift site! It’s the only place you will ever need to buy any child the perfect age appropriate gift.

I have three children of my own, but I still get stumped on what to get my kids for their birthdays and Christmas. I especially struggle when I have to buy their friends gifts for school parties. So for those that might be buying a child gift like an Uncle or Aunt or Grandparents I can imagine it’s even harder to know what to buy a child and where to shop.

On the Wicked Uncle gift site you can find advice on their blog about trending toys and unique games you wouldn’t know existed until now. Want to be that uber cool Uncle or Grandparent that buys the best, unique and quirky gift? This is definitely where you want to shop for gifts for kids!

A boy reading a book called "Football School". He has blonde hair and glasses and is wearing a red t-shirt

What better way to buy a gift than to be able to input the child’s age and a few details then have hundreds of recommendations listed for you that are age appropriate and even trendy and cool gifts for each age group too. You will never buy a wrong present again.

We rely on the Wicked Uncle gift site so much now!

Where To Buy Kids Presents

One of the hardest things about having 3 kids is trying to keep track of their friends and the never ending birthday parties. I love that they are so sociable, but it is impossible to remember which child is into what thing at any given time. Never mind the fact that kids likes and dislikes can change by the the day. When I shop at Wicked Uncle it lets me filter based on basic things like age and gender (don’t worry, they’re not sticking rigidly to gender stereotypes – you’ll find many toys are shown in both gender categories) but also add so many other little details to help choose the perfect present.

I love that I can shop for 3 kids of completely different ages, with totally different likes and dislikes all in one place. And if you don’t know what they like? No problem – they can help with that. I don’t have to have a specific gift in mind, the site is full of great ideas and recommendations.

The Best Kids Presents By Category

On the Wicked Uncle gift site you can choose from boy or girl presents, or by age, or by categories such as building, educational, books and games, adventurer, best of, creativity, fashion, brainiac, and lots more. They even have a most popular category so you can browse through what toys and games are trending for kids. Wicked Uncle is an award winning service that has unique toys that kids will absolutely love. So you will buy the perfect child gift every time.

A boy holding up 2 books, called "Football School" and "Factopia"

There is nothing worse than buying for the sake of buying someone a gift and knowing it will either be regifted or thrown at the bottom of the toy box to be forgotten until clear out time.

We have already used Wicked Uncle for all three of our kids birthdays recently. They are at an age where they don’t really give us list of things they want so we are sat guessing and we are at an old age, where what we think might be cool they really don’t think is cool.

A girl reading a book called "factopia"

I really pride myself on trying to get presents for kids that are useful, fun, entertaining, educational and for the right age group. But I have got it wrong a time or two.

Gift Recommendations For Kids

My kids absolutely loved everything that was recommended to me for their birthdays from Wicked Uncle, last month. There wasn’t one thing that we felt they would have loved and they didn’t. In fact, a few items we bought off the recommended list we were unsure they would go down well and they ended up being the kids favorite birthday gifts. Who knew! Wicked Uncle knew that’s who!

My daughter’s face below say it all. When she opened these colorful, pattern, miss match, puppy socks, I actually thought she was going to cry, happy tears. I couldn’t have found a more perfect gift for my animal loving, crazy dress style, daughter ever. It was all her favorite things put together in one gift.

A girl looking down at a box with "pup stars" written on it
A girl sitting on the edge of a counter. She is wearing odd shocks with dogs on the toes, with 4 other odd socks with dogs on them lined up on either side of her.

Gift Wrapped Delivery Options

Wicked Uncle has also rescued us on a few child gifts, where we were out of the country or had missed some friend’s birthday parties. We popped on the Wicked Uncle gift site and picked out some great presents. We even added the gift wrapping and delivery option at the end so they were wrapped and delivered for us.

My nephew loved his gift and even the wrapping paper was themed and age appropriate for him! Win-win for Aunty who had waited until the last minute before she remembered his birthday. Eek.

You don’t have to wait until you need to shop for a child gift either, pop on and see what the whole family to enjoy together. We were bored of the same family board games so wanted to see what unique kids games Wicked Uncle had. We have bought a few family games that have quickly became our favorite for family game night like this mancala. We had never heard of it and my two older kids are obsessed with it now. It’s actually one of the oldest board games ever.

A wooden game being played by 2 children
2 children sit on the floor playing a game. They give a double high five above the game

Gift shopping for kids doesn’t get easier than this, right?

Want to buy the perfect child gift, have it gift wrapped and delivered for you? Wicked Uncle has you covered…pop over to their website for more details!

*This post is sponsored by Wicked Uncle however all items mentioned and photographed were purchased for our children out of our own pocket for their birthdays and is a true, honest review of the child gift site.

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