The Ultimate Guide To Life With A Newborn

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Nothing can quite prepare you for that feeling when your perfect newborn is finally here. You can spend hours snuggling on the sofa, marvelling at how tiny and absolutely perfect they are. And then it’ll hit you – what on earth are you meant to do now?! I have gathered all my hints and tips for life with a baby to help you navigate the first steps of parenthood.

Newborn Tips

Below are all my best tips for life with a newborn. Everything from cloth nappies, getting into a routine, breastfeeding and simple ways to survive through lack of sleep. No 2 babies are the same so of course there is no rule book, but I hope that some of these articles will help you understand your newborn baby a little better and guide you to finding a way of parenting that works for you.

A newborn baby with it's feet being held gently by a woman's hand

4 Tips For Moms: Getting Through The Newborn Stage

While the newborn stage can be challenging, there are tips you can apply that will help you not only survive but thrive through it. The following advice will aid you in knowing where to focus your time and energy. Read more.

And adult hand and a child's hand on a pink cloth

How To Use Reusable Baby Wipes

For many, reusing wipes can be a slightly overwhelming transformation. If you way on the benefits you provide to not only the earth but your little one, it’s worth it. But how do you use them day to day? Can it really be as easy as disposable? Read more.

Breastfeeding 101: A breast pump lies next to a grey letter board

Breastfeeding 101

Everything you need to know about breastfeeding. Tips and tricks from newborn onwards. Breast pump reviews, which bottles to use for combination feeding and tackling mastitis as an experienced mom of 3. Read more.

A newborn baby in a white outfit is lying on a checked cream rug. He has his arms stretched up and is yawning

Getting A New Baby Into A Routine

Having a routine for your baby can make things run a little more smoothly day to day. I have done it 3 times and have found a way that works well for our family, meaning I can plan around baby’s nap and feed times. Read more.

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Newborn Products

It’s hard to know which newborn products are really worth spending your money on, and which you can skip altogether. After 3 children I have tried and tested more than my fair share of baby products, and so below you will find my newborn product reviews as well as some information on what to look for before making a purchase.

A woman pushing a black pram. She is bending down to kiss a young girl standing next to her

Newborn Pram Reviews

An insight into the world of newborn travel systems. Take a look at some of my newborn pram reviews so you can make sure you know what to look for when buy a pram and pick the perfect stroller for your new baby. Read more.

A newborn baby lying in a Doc-A-Tot with a marble designed cover

10 Must-Have Baby Items for the First Year

Take a look at the products that I think make your life much easier as a mom. After having 3 kids I know what works well and what turned out to be a waste of time and money. Grabbing these 10 items will save your sanity. Read more.

A wicker baby bassinet with a grey blanket draped over the side

5 Most Practical Baby Shower Gifts You Can Give

Some of the most inexpensive and simple baby shower gifts are also the most practical, and the ones that will end up getting the most use. So, if you want to avoid the latest ‘trends’ consider items that have stood the test of time for a reason. Read more.

A stack of pink and white baby clothes, with pink baby booties on top

The Biggest Challenges Of Buying New Baby Gear

Purchasing baby gear can often be more challenging than it may seem. From clothes and diapers to strollers and cribs, there are hundreds of things that you will have to buy for your little one. So where do you start? Read more.

A man wearing an Izmi Baby Carrier with his newborn baby

Izmi Baby Wraps & Carriers

I love the Izmi Wrap because I feel like he is closer and cozier to me. I love the style and design of it too. Hubby prefers the more sturdy style of the Izmi Breeze and the clips make him feel more secure holding little baby boy. Read more.

SnuzPod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib with a newborn baby in it and a mom leaning over to smile at the baby

Catching ZZZ’S In A SnuzPod Bedside Crib

I love the Scandinavian style to the crib. I wanted a sturdy crib and a spacious one that would last until baby was ready to move into his own room. The SnuzPod ticked all those boxes and more. The mesh wall on one side allows you to see baby. Read more.

Baby Keepsakes

The newborn days pass in a blink, and one day you’ll wish you had a baby keepsake to help you remember it all. Below are the newborn baby keepsakes that I would recommend, that I still love and cherish today.

A newborn baby wrapped in a blue knitted blanket, asleep.

A Newborn Baby Photoshoot

I truly recommend getting newborn photos done if you are having a baby or just had a baby. It’s so bittersweet to document them like this. Take a look at our experience and some of the gorgeous photos that were captured. Read more.

A sketch of 2 babies lying on their sides, facing each other

A Birth Poster Baby Keepsake

Bring those newborn memories to life by creating a birth poster as a baby keepsake. It’s the perfect way to recall their tiny size as each birth poster is scaled to the actual length of your baby at birth. You have a lifelong memory of your child. Read more.

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