A Birth Poster for a Baby Keepsake by Positives Prints

Bring those newborn memories to life by creating a birth poster as a baby keepsake. It’s the perfect way to recall their tiny size as each birth poster is scaled to the actual length of your baby at birth. You have a lifelong memory of your child.

I always think it’s a great idea to create a baby keepsake. There are hundreds of options now a days and I really wish I did more with my older two when they were little. They grow up so fast. Whilst you think in the moment, you will remember every tiny detail, you won’t. The small details fade fast and even some of the things you promise you won’t forget start to fade too. It’s inevitable to happen to us all.

A birth poster is great for a nursery wall or a hallway with a family collage. Use it as part of your nursery theme or have it in your bedroom. They come in digital, print, framed, and canvas so you can adhere to your home style. It’s perfect for any child’s bedroom too.

Birth Poster Options to Choose from:

  • Scaled 1:1 To The Baby’s Length At Birth
  • Customize It With Birth Details: Name, Date Of Birth, Height, Weight
  • Choose From 7 Illustrations And Proposed Or Customized Background Colors
  • Perfect & Precious Gift For A New Parent
  • We Also Offer Siblings Birth Posters

What better way to celebrate your baby and document his/her birth date, height and weight in a modern and beautiful way.

A birth poster doesn’t have to be just for you. Why not get it as a gift for a friend and loved one. It would make the best baby present ever for a new parent.

Involve the whole family by doing a siblings birth poster too. Have all your children together.

What sort of keepsakes do you have for your baby? Check out these personalised prints.


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