A Baby Nursery Room Tour featuring Snuz

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Finally it’s finished!!! Normally, the baby nursery is something we decorate and have ready before the baby is even born. The first two times around we did just that but with a few delays on the planning of our extension in the loft, the third time around took a better part of a year. We will just call this room tour fashionably late. I can honestly say it was worth the wait. I love how it turned out.

Having fallen in love with our SnuzPod bedside crib when baby boy was born, I knew I wanted to feature the design around the SnuzKot. We got the SnuzKot Mode 2 Piece Nursery Furniture Set in grey. I believe they even have a promotion on it now. I love the Scandinavian style and the white and grey two tone color pairs with the rest of our house decor.

I really wanted to stay neutral for the baby nursery. A calm place to unwind, settle into his naps and bedtime sleep. In the past, I have always decorated the kid’s bedrooms really vibrant. I still love that added pop of color but moving forward I think it’s safer to stick to neutrals on the furniture and walls then add accents with color. In case you ever get sick of that bright green wall like I did with B’s bedroom when he was little. What was I thinking at the time? With the added dilemma now of MM and B sharing a room for a while and her walls are vibrant fuchsia pink! I can predict it will take about ten coats of paint to cover that color before it stops bleeding through. A task I am not looking forward to soon.

I have always loved the idea of monochrome but having a house completely of grey and white with plants all over, I wanted it to still flow with the rest of the house. So I thought having the monochrome mixed in with grey, plants, and natural wood color would give it the vibe I was envisioning. While it’s finished being decorated I am sure I will rearrange the shelves a few hundred times or move things about or even add a bit more to it as we go. Is a room ever really finished?

Let’s talk the SnuzKot for a second. First off, I have never seen a crib that goes into a toddler bed that goes into a full single bed. It’s age ranges from birth to 10 years old! No more just taking the side of the cot off for your toddler and then having to invest in a bigger bed for your older children. It’s a win-win situation. If you read my blog you will know I love win-win situations. It’s my favorite saying!

Secondly, the SnuzKot has various heights to lower the mattress when needed. The slats on the side are thick enough so baby is doesn’t risk head between them. I love all the rounded corners of the cot. It not only gives it a modern style but makes it a safe option for your little one if they are crawling around the nursery floor and playing nearby.

The chest of drawers has a changing top that can be removed as baby grows out of diapers/nappies and is no longer needed. The SnuzKot set is made of solid beech wood and no MDF or veneer.

While picking out the SnuzKot set I wanted (they have so many different designs) I spotted this stylish Geo Mono bedding that fit perfect for the theme I was going for. Think monochrome, arrows, trees, and a whole lot of grey then throw in some fake plants and baskets.

I looked on etsy and found this Pom Pom Mobile and then bought a music box, mobile crib arm from Amazon. Using twine to tie it to the top of it so it dangles above baby boy, keeping him entertained and transfixed.

I also got the black vinyl triangle stickers for the wall from Etsy. They are the 2″ ones but you can get the bigger ones or even smaller ones. There are a few options and I just stuck them randomly on the wall. They remove and stick back on really easy in case you mess up or get them too close or too far away. If you are anything like me, your ocd might get the best of you. I had to eventually just walk away and call it perfect.

I saw this shelf on instagram a few times and thought it would be great for some little easy to reach items near like Sophia the Giraffe and some baby books. It comes in various colors too.

I loved the idea of animal heads on the wall. In fact, I am still looking for one more to go next to this zebra which I bought from Target in the states. They do internationally shipping but I picked it up as it was super light and cheap when I was there this summer.

Having always loved a big circle mirror, this one caught my eye long before I even knew what I was doing with the baby nursery. It’s been sat behind my bed since the week I found out I was pregnant. I love the light brown rope style to it and the grey frame to go with the room.

The wicker laundry basket we have actually had for seven years for the whole family. I believe we got it from Next. I like that it helps pull the baskets and light wood photo frames out from all the monochrome.

It’s always fun getting little accessories, cuddly toys, mini books, and styling a baby nursery. Etsy, and Amazon are great places to look for those added touches that are possibly handmade or creative and different. I got these “Oh Baby” wooden blocks from Ginger Ray, a great party supply company. I used them for my baby shower and then now on the nightstand in the nursery. When he is older they will part of his toys, as blocks. I try to get things that I know will get used for various things not just to put on the shelf.

This wardrobe was a gift from his grandparents to his eldest brother, our first born and it has lasted all three kids in the baby nursery. You can’t beat Mamas and Papas for a good sturdy wardrobe that will last. It fits perfect right behind the door. I store all his extra blankets and muslin cloths in a basket on the top. While I am not hanging too much baby clothes yet, it won’t be long as I know already how fast it goes, before baby boy has this wardrobe full.

The room is a funny shape so I didn’t know what to do with the L shape part. I used to have a baby rocking chair here so I used this modern old desk chair I had in the garage to feed the baby in this space. Throwing a big cushion on it made it a sturdy and cozy place to feed. I added this zigzag rug from Great Little Trading Company. It makes the space look bigger with this throw rug. It’s also our reading nook with a big Great Little Trading Company bookshelf next to the chair. As he gets older I like to establish bedtime routines with reading a story before he goes to sleep like I do with the other two kids.

Just for the sake of my OCD this lamp shade is now grey. Typical it didn’t arrive until the day after these photos were taken so the bright blue one from B’s old room was still there. I could have faked it in photoshop but this little corner is actually bursting with color from his books and toys. I don’t mind that on this side of the room. It’s like it’s own little corner, closed off really from the rest of the room.

You can see above I have a fake plant and a few fake succulents on his shelf too. I think looks nice and inviting to have plants in the nursery but I don’t think I would risk a real one in a child’s bedroom ever. One on safety and two on these white carpets with dirt. EEEK! I got my fake plant and stand from Sainsbury’s for £8 so it was cute and a bargain.

We are so pleased with the Snuz company from SnuzPot to SnuzKot and all the bedroom accessories are so lovely and fit our bedroom theme so perfectly. I have had such a fun time decorating this baby nursery. I think baby boy is in love with it too! Why not shop the look below… if anything isn’t below I have linked to most of it within this post but always feel free to ask me where I got something if I have missed it. I hope you like my baby nursery room tour!

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Now it’s time to enjoy our lovely baby nursery until he gets a bit bigger and we have to transition it into a toddler room than a big boy bedroom. The same transitions this room took on with both of his older siblings.

You can also catch B’s toddler room to  big boy bedroom which has now be transformed into the baby nursery.



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*We were given a discount on our furniture for promotional purposes but bought all items you see here! 

7 thoughts on “A Baby Nursery Room Tour featuring Snuz”

  1. Jenny it looks fabulous, I love the whole style of the furniture and the colours, not colour that would have jumped out at me for a nursery but wow it looks great I love it it all fits together so well x

  2. Oh Jenny, this looks fabulous! I love the monochrome look but also the rounded shape of the furniture, it looks great. Your boy is so scrummy and you’ve done a great job here. xx

  3. What a beautiful room. So light and calm. We never had a proper nursery for any of our girls – they slept in a moses basket in our bedroom until they were about 6 months to a year old and then they shared with their big sisters so I’ve never had the opportunity to create something like this. I love your interior style.

  4. Wow, Jenny! It’s such a beautiful and calming space. I love all the little details, you’ve pulled it all together so beautifully x


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