Tips For A Positive Pregnancy

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Anyone who has been pregnant will admit that there are certainly moments where things feel really hard. Whether it is physical symptoms that are tough to handle, uncertainty on what is normal or anxiety over the birth, sometimes it can all feel a bit much. But that doesn’t mean it all has to be doom and gloom. There are many things we can do to make a pregnancy feel positive – you are growing a baby after all!

Below are all my best tips for a positive pregnancy. I hope that you will be able to use the information provided to make decisions for you and your family that will keep you all happy and healthy.

Preparing To Get Pregnant

I know many of us get anxious about how long it will take to fall pregnant and are always on the look out for top tips for getting pregnant quickly. While sometimes things do just take a while, there are some things you can do that will get your body and your mind in the best place possible for a baby. Below are some of my tips on preparing to get pregnant.

A man kissing the pregnant belly of a woman

How To Prepare Before You Get Pregnant

If you want to become pregnant, there are many different things you can put in place that can help you achieve your goals. Read More.

A man and woman kissing and holding out a baby scan picture

Top Tips For Getting Pregnant For The First Time

Sometimes it’s not as easy as people may think, to get pregnant. Here are some top tips for helping speed up the process and better the chances of getting pregnant for the first time. Read More.

Maternity Clothes Tips

As your baby grows so does your belly, and it’s not long before you find yourself needing the extra comfort that a stretchy waistband provides. Of course everyone has their own opinions on what is worth buying for maternity clothes, but below are my personal tips for what you should buy so you can look and feel good while you grow your precious baby.

The torso of a pregnant woman wearing a while long sleeved top. She is cradling her bump.

5 Essential Maternity Clothing Items

No matter what else you buy, make sure you get these top 5 pieces of maternity clothing for a comfortable pregnancy. Read more.

A pregnant woman reclining on a sofa. She has a notepad and pen and is resting them on her legs as she writes

Maternity Clothes: What To Buy Or Not Buy?

There are a few staple items you need to stay comfortable and the rest you can get away with what you’ve got. Read more.

Pregnancy Symptoms And Experiences

Once you have fallen pregnant it can feel like your body is a bit out of control. It is changing every day and some fo the pregnancy symptoms are wild. If you’re not sure what to expect or what is normal then take a look through my tips and advice below. Hopefully they can ease your mind or give you some idea of what is still to come!

A black and white picture of a woman that is 14 weeks pregnant. She is standing side on to the camera and cradling her small bump

Positive Pregnancy Test? Prepare Yourself For Your New Bundle Of Joy

After all of the excitement of finding out you’re expecting a baby, it’s time to think about creating a list of things to buy and do before your bundle of joy arrives. Read More.

The torso of a pregnant woman dressed all in white. She is standing on a beach and cradling her bump.

3 Ways To Crack The Pregnancy Code

You have to pull yourself together and think positively about being pregnant. By this, you can maintain mental and physical health as you prepare for motherhood. Read More.

A pregnant woman wearing a vibrant pink dress and a white cardigan walks along the beach, cradling her bump.

How To Stay Comfortable During Pregnancy

It’s no secret that pregnancy can be a tough road. As you approach your due date, it’s not unusual to notice an increase in aches, pains, and general discomfort. Read More.

The side on view of the torso of a pregnant woman

8 Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Keep an eye on yourself and baby. Watch those normal symptoms and make sure they are not painful, not excessive, and if you have any worries about any of these or anything else ring your midwife. Read More.

A box of Dulcosoft

5 Ways To Stay Comfortable As You Reach Your Due Date

You are nearing your due date and you are so excited for that baby’s arrival. You might suffer from SPD like I did, or back pain, or even other uncomfortable symptoms, like constipation. Read More.

A woman looking down at her 36 week pregnancy bump

Follow A Pregnancy Week By Week

If you’re not sure what to expect, or what is normal, follow my pregnancy from 12 weeks onwards. I have documented everything so you know what happens in a real pregnancy. Read More.

Working Out While Pregnant

Not everyone wants to exercise while pregnant, but if you were into fitness before hand then there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep moving while growing your baby. Below I have shared some of my tips for exercise in pregnancy, but ultimately you know your own body and will know what you can and can’t do each day.

A pregnant woman sitting cross legged on the floor in sports clothes

5 Pregnancy Pilates Moves + The Value Of Movement

I love pilates because it isn’t high impact but you can feel it afterwards every time.  While pregnant if you regularly workout already there are some little adaptations to make. Read more.

a pregnant woman standing on 1 leg in a yoga pose. She is reflected in a mirror behind her also

Best Workouts During Pregnancy

Tips on how to approach exercise during pregnancy, what to do and which exercises to avoid. Keep your body moving and feel good while you do it. Read more.

Optional Pregnancy Extras

When you are pregnant it can feel like there is a never ending lists of things you need to do organise or do before the baby arrives. While some things are practical, such as buying a car seat and pushchair, others are optional and the decision is down to the individual families. Below is some information and my experiences of some of the things you might want to consider – just remember to pick the things you really want and can afford.

A woman looking at a wall mounted TV showing a 3d image of a baby in utero

My Very First 4D Baby Scan

I had one thing I had never experienced with either of my other pregnancies and that was a 4D Scan. The scan that allows you to see what your baby will look like and watch him/her moving around live on a big screen. Read more.

The torso of a woman wearing white on the beach as she cradles her baby bump

A Maternity Photoshoot

I get emotional looking at my maternity photos. While I had a few done with each of my pregnancies, I just feel like these are extra special because they are documenting the completion of our family. Read More.

In the foreground is text reading "cord blood banking". In the background is a slightly out of focus pregnant belly with 2 hands on the base of it

Is Cord Blood Banking Worth It?

After birth, umbilical cord blood and tissue still contains billions of potent stem cells, which have almost limitless regenerative potential that could be used to treat various different conditions. Read More.

Preparing To Give Birth

The elephant in the room during any pregnancy is what will happen when you give birth. When someone hears you are pregnant they can be quick to share their horror stories, but that’s not always helpful! Normalising birth is so important, and so below I’ve shared by 3 different birth stories so you can see what may happen. Plus, some information on what to pack in your hospital bag for a hospital birth.

A large black leather looking bag. A folded baby changing mat is in front with it, a bottle bad and some straps

What’s In My Hospital Bag?

It’s soon time to head to the hospital to give birth, so what is in my hospital for my 3rd baby? Let’s start with baby essentials. Read More.

A woman holding her new baby after giving birth

1st Baby Birth Story

I never understood why people never shared the nice and easy birth stories. We should share our good and bad stories alike. So I am flashing back to Buba’s birth story. Read More.

A woman smiling up at the camera as she holds her newborn baby

Labour At 37 Weeks

All I could think about is I am having this baby and I am only 37 weeks that day. I was relieved that my contractions started in the middle of the night. Read More.

A black and white image of a woman in a birthing pool holding her new baby

Water Birth Story

When I got to the hospital they were already filling the birth pool up for me. Without a second thought I jumped right in it ready to experience the difference between water births and not. Read More.

Looking for tips for when your baby is here? Check out my Ultimate Guide To Life With A Newborn to get you get started

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