5 Ways to stay comfortable as you reach your pregnancy due date

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:22 am

You are nearing your due date and you are so excited for that baby’s arrival. Whether it’s your first or last baby, sometimes our bodies can really go into overdrive baking our little miracles. You might suffer from SPD like I did, or back pain, or even other uncomfortable symptoms, like constipation.

There are many things that come with having a baby. Talking about poo is one of them. Yup, we all talk about it as soon as we become parents. Whether our children have not done a poo or have done a poo-nami! Yes, there is a name for it and you will soon learn why when your newborn explodes up their back on a family day out when you are least prepared for it. But it is still such a taboo to talk about our own poo issues. Let’s face it we all have been there when someone mentioned constipation in a closed circle of friends almost everyone can relate to it but no one wants to say it publicly. You might experience constipation while travelling, just in general, or constipation during pregnancy it can be so uncomfortable leaving you irritable and grumpy.

I am teaming up with DulcoSoft® to help them spread the word that it shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about or not talked about. If more people open up about things we experience during pregnancy, for example, then there would be more people sharing what they have tried and haven’t tried and what worked and didn’t work for them. It’s more common than you think! So why is it so hard for us to chat about it? It’s ok to chat about our babies’ pooing habits yet not our own which seems so silly to me.

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Pregnancy Yoga/Pilates –

There are yoga and Pilates classes specifically designed for pregnant women. They help you to stretch safely and target those places that might need more work because you are supporting so much weight in places your body isn’t used to. It’s great for relieving SPD and back pain and for staying mobile and fit before, during and after pregnancy. Always tell your instructor you are pregnant, so they can help you.

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Eat Health –

It’s a no brainer that when we are feeding our bodies the right foods it reacts better. We need plenty of fruit and vegetables to get the nutrients our babies need to grow and be strong. Foods with fibre and protein are also helpful for a variety of reasons when you are pregnant. Your food choices not only help your baby thrive, but they help you keep your energy levels up to carry your baby full term.

Keep things moving

Many women suffer from constipation during pregnancy, but very few people are willing to chat about it. Constipation can leave you feeling uncomfortable and irritable, especially when you are carrying a baby at the same time! For those looking for a gentle solution during pregnancy, there is DulcoSoft®. It works with the water naturally contained in the bowel to soften stools and get things moving comfortably again. It’s easy to take, given that it is flavourless, and the solution can be mixed in your morning tea or coffee. If you need any further information, visit the website here. Always read the label. For use in pregnant women, advice from a doctor is recommended. #Ad

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Get Enough Sleep –

Sleep can be uncomfortable when you reach those final weeks of your pregnancy. It can be so hard catching those zzz’s when baby is moving around all night and your body is aching. You might find your mind is racing around too with all the baby stuff you want to prepare, buy and get ready. I always tried winding down earlier than bedtime, by taking a warm bath to sooth my aching back muscles. I tried not drinking a lot right before bed so I wasn’t getting up peeing every five minutes too. Using a body pillow helped relieve my back and hips of too much pressure while I slept, but if you find you can’t sleep for very long at night make sure you are getting plenty of naps during the day, if you can squeeze them in. Every bit helps to recharge your batteries!

Drink Water-

While I said I tried to not drink a lot before bed that doesn’t mean I didn’t stock up during the day. Drinking water is so important and something I always struggled to remember to do when I was pregnant. It helps you and your baby. I heard someone say the other day that she didn’t want to drink too much water when she was pregnant, so she didn’t “balloon up with water weight”. This is not the case and it actually has little to do with it, so please remember to drink lots of water. It can also help with the dreaded pregnancy constipation I mentioned earlier and help your muscles not get dehydrated which leaves you aching more.

While it may seem like I am not painting a very nice picture of pregnancy, it really is the most beautiful thing you can experience. I’ve had three children and with each pregnancy I experienced slightly different symptoms. The important thing to remember is to take care of yourself. Know what you can and can’t do, look for ways to relieve yourself of any uncomfortable symptoms and always talk to your GP/Doctor before self-diagnosing of course too.

You won’t be pregnant forever and soon your bouncing bundle of joy will be on your knee and snuggling you. There is no greater reward than that. Let’s be more open and honest about the things that happen to our bodies during pregnancy. It shouldn’t be something we are afraid to talk about or shy away from. Almost every pregnant woman has experienced something similar and our stories always help others when we share. So, don’t be so afraid to talk adult poo when you are talking about your baby’s poo!

What did you do to stay comfortable in those last few weeks of your pregnancy? Got any awesome tips for us, please comment below!

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