ARK Therapeutic Chewing Essentials ‘Teether’ Review

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Buba was never a chewer when he was a baby. He never drooled or had any teething symptoms until he turned 2 1/2 years old. Then came the chewing constantly of various things: his blankets, his clothes, his hands, you know name it. So I was excited when ARK Therapeutic Services got in touch to team up for a review for two of their teethers. Not only did I have a toddler chewing everything in site, I have an eight month old, drooling and chewing anything that comes close to her mouth, because of her teeth. I cannot count the number of holes she has chewed in my scarves and in her own clothes.

We were sent two different teethers. One called the Grabber and the other called the Tri-Chew. I let each child test out both, don’t worry I sanitized in between, just to see which one fit who best. They recommend for these not to be shared so they do sell in multi-packs. It was quickly clear that the blue Tri-Chew suited my 8 month old and the yellow Grabber suited my 2 1/2 year old. Having said that, they both enjoyed each teether for separate reasons.




The Grabber is great, because it’s in the shape of a “P” which is easily held by little hands. It has a long arm to reach in those hard to reach places. This is where my toddler’s big teeth are coming in, and it helps him if he can chew far in the back. Buba also likes the smoothness of the Grabber whereas the triangle had more textures to it.




The Tri-Chew was a life savor. Missy Moo has been really struggling with her teeth and I have been really struggling to find a teether that she likes. One that will calm and comfort her through this whole process. The Tri-Chew is great because each corner has a different texture to help simulate food textures like ridges, bumps, and swirls. The triangle shape really helps her not gag while still reaching those back gums. I was really impressed with it.


Both teethers serve great purposes helping with teething most importantly, but also eating, speech jaw movement and more.

This is a family run business and they lead in innovation in speech for the special needs community as well. These teethers are only one of there seventy-five products they sell that can help with sensory needs. You can clearly see they are great for all children, especially ones that suffer from teething pain and chewing Β issues like mine.

They have a vast variety of products that can help with any number of developments. Cups sets to make straw drinking easier, Lip Blok to promote proper tongue & lip positioning, Z-spoon & Right Bite to help with eating, and more. Click on the link above to learn more about these fabulous oral motor tools!

If your baby is suffering from teething, I would highly recommend the Tri-Chew.

*We were sent these teethers for the purpose of this review but opinions, pictures, and views are my own.Β 

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16 thoughts on “ARK Therapeutic Chewing Essentials ‘Teether’ Review”

    • Thank you. Oh bless him. MM puts anything she can get her hands on. I caught her literally gnawing the side of the couch leg the other day. Rolled over and had a good chew. It’s like have an animal at the moment. lol πŸ™‚

    • I thought that too. The P one works great for toddlers with back teeth issues and the triangle prevents MM from choking and teaches her to chew lumps etc. WIN WIN Thanks for having such a fab linky. πŸ™‚ And commenting.

  1. My kids are past the teething stage. Now I have two kids that are losing their baby teeth. But these sound like great products! Have a terrific Tuesday!

    • Lucky Lucky you to be past it all. I long for those days. But these teethers are helping get through it at least. Thanks for stopping by and commeting. Hope to see you again soon. You have a great Tuesday now Wednesday yourself. πŸ™‚


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