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I have longed for a space of my own, one I can work on my craft projects like scrapbooking or use as my photo studio for food and product styling. A space that projects my personality and all my favorite colors. Here is my list for my dream office space that hopefully someday I can create. I have even been contemplating making a small corner in the garage my office space. 

1) I love pastel colors all mixed together with various patterns. Having an all white office is a must for taking photos so bright cushions are a great way to bring color into it and give you the option to change the decor easily in the future if you want to. I like to have various size cushions and shapes too which gives it more dimensions. If you don’t have a sofa for cushions in your office, try adding one to a shelf, one to your chair, or a few in the corner for a casual comfy reading nook. 

2) I absolutely love this style corner desk, with storage shelves on the side.  I won’t have a lot of space to stretch out my office so this would be a great option to utilize space. I also love the color pallette, very airy and bright.

3) I am in love with faded wood desk tops. It would be a great prop too for food photography. A win-win furniture purpose. I had a friend that took an old door, painted it and used sand paper on it to give it a distressed look then put it across two short white bookcases. It made a gorgeous vintage desk with plenty of space to work on and storage on the shelves. A longer desk top is a must for me so I can leave food or products out and finish taking photos later while still working next to it on my laptop or other projects.

4) I need lots of storage for my dream office space, with ocd it’s great to stay organized and have a place for everything. Crafts and photography props are thrown all over my house with no real place to call home. I would love to have a big white shelving unit like this to keep them all together in one place. 


I am a huge fan of Etsy. There is so many unique and creative things on there for home decor. I have been peaking around it for accessories for my dream office space. Here are four I found and love to share with you. 

1) Clock adds color to the white walls and keeps me on time.

2) Rug  bringing those pastel colors from the cushions onto the floor.

3) Notebooks I am always making to do lists, a beautiful way to do it in style with these notebooks.

4) Decorated Pins & Wire to hang photos above my desk of the kids and add color to the wall.



I saw these multicolored lace chandelier lighting on Etsy, and I fell in love. They would go perfect in the corner of my dream office to create a little reading nook.

Let’s not forget the gorgeous owl my mother made Missy Moo in which I would definitely have to steal and add character to my lovely dream space, along with my new yellow mug that just so happens to match the color palette so well. My two obsessions owls and new coffee mugs, what’s not to love? officeaccessories

 And last but not least two luxury items to add to my dream office space. 

1) A gorgeous grey damask Ikat chair from Overstock. I love office spaces that don’t have the conventional office chairs in them. This would bring style to any space. 

2) I found this chandelier on google but have yet to find out where to buy it. I have found similar at Laura Ashley and Next but nothing exact. It’s a beauty. I love ceiling chandeliers in an office to give it that shabby chic look. This would definitely complete my dream office space.

Let’s hope I get the ok to finish the garage and turn a corner of it into my dream office space one day! Until then check out Etsy on my sidebar and find some great office accessories. 

What do you think of my dream office space? What would you do differently? Do you have other ideas that would match my theme, please leave a comment below.



20 thoughts on “My dream office space”

    • hahaha Thanks Alex. Great minds think alike. I would love to get it done exactly how I want but it all cost money. lol Need to win the lottery. I always decorate a house then get sick of it and want to change it.

  1. I work in what used to be our house’s pantry and dream of having room to really spread out and work without feeling cramped. I love your choices, and agree white is great for giving a feeling of space. I really like the desk in number 3, very much my style. One day…

  2. Oh, we have very similar taste, absolutely love everything you’ve chosen here! I am so hoping to get a bit of space for myself and my craft materials in our new house, and somewhere to set up photos…

    • Thanks Sara. i can’t wait to have my own space. Sometimes I wish we would move again just to redecorate it all again. I change my style and likes so much its hard to keep up.

  3. Lovely, light picks! I am not normally a pastel colours fan, but I can really see how these picks would make a beautiful, restful space for working and crafting…

    • Thanks Rachel. Oh I am the ultimate pastel girl. My friends all laugh at me that I am the only one in pastels in the middle of winter. Lol glad you like it though and thanks so much for stopping by.


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