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Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:13 pm

Welcome to “Share With Me” ~ week 3! Thank you to all those that linked up last week. I really enjoyed reading them. You might have noticed the my linky had a little makeover with so many linkys out there it’s hard to do one that isn’t similar to another one, so I have tried my best to be intriguing.

Each week, I will host “share with me” so that bloggers can come link up their favorite post of the week or an old favorite is welcome too, so we can get to know more of you and your lovely blogs.

This week I am sharing a quote with you that really brought some childhood memories back to me and I just love.


As parents we all feel this way. Our children never stop being our babies until the day we leave this world. I chose this as my melt your heart quote this week because if we think about the love we have for our children, it’s the most powerful bond there is and what doesn’t melt your heart about that.

Some days are tough as a parent, and we will only want to say I like you, especially those teenage years. I am definitely not looking forward to those. It reminds me of my own mother saying, I like you, when I had really pissed her off and tried to suck up to her by saying, “I love you Mommy,” one too many times. Her reply was always, “I like you, right now”. It used to make me smile that no matter how mad she was at me, she still liked me, loved me, because that’s what parents do. It’s an unconditional love that goes forever. I can’t think of anything else that is that strong, deep, and full of emotion than a parents love for their own child/children.

What do you think of this quote? I would love to hear, comment below!

I hope you like the new makeover.

If you want to join the party, your post can be old or new favorite. It would be lovely if you could add the badge to the bottom of your post so people know where you are partying. If you have done this before, you know to give the blog love to others that have linked up but if it’s your first time, linkys only work if we support each other, so please comment on at least two links above yours or as many as you like. If I see the ‘share with me’ badge, I will be sure to tweet your post! Pinterest boards will be added soon, and I will be pinning my favorites each week! So stay tuned!

Now let’s party!

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7 thoughts on “Share With Me ~ wk 3”

    • Thanks Emma for stopping by and commenting. I wish they would grow up slower and we could catch every little detail of every moment. Life seems to be flying by. Thanks for checking out my new linky. Hopefully one day I will have people linking up to either of my linky. I know it takes time. 😉 I am so new at it all.

  1. Hi Jenny – such a lovely quote. My little one keeps saying how he isn’t my baby anymore, but a big boy now. To me though, he’ll always be my little one. I’ve linked up a post all about the things that change when you have kids. The things that aren’t necessarily considered the best bits, but they’re still brilliant because you just adore your little ones so much. 🙂 Hope this fits the theme enough!

    • Thank you Katie so much that’s very sweet of you. I know they want to be our big boys don’t they. My momma still calls my brother her baby and he’s 35! hahaha Thanks hun that’s awesome I will go check it out.

    • Thank you! Feel free to pin it on Pinterest to your boards if you want! Just give over left side of picture you will see the pin badge. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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