LEGOS are for my cars, Mommy!

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:53 pm

We have bucket loads of those jumbo, vibrant colored, blocks all over our house, called LEGOS. The ones that are big enough to hurt when you step on a meandering one but not big enough to spot while holding a baby. Yup, those blocks.

We bought some for Buba’s 1st birthday and for months, Buba never even played with them. At first it was more of a game of dumping them out of their big bag and then putting them back in their big bag. “Build with them? Don’t be ridiculous,” my son’s eye’s would always say.


He did everything but build with them. Line them up to play choo-choo in the hallway, in and out of the bag like basktetball, shout their various colors aloud, count with them, anything but build. Then he turned two!

His LEGOS became a challenge, not for him but for Mommy & Daddy. We started getting requests, “build castle, build a train, build a car, build a house.” The list goes on and on. It’s a challenge I took head on, what toddler would know it wasn’t quite a car or a train. Mine! “That’s not a car Mommy, build a car!” I clearly failed miserably.


Now we have come to present day, thinking Mommy and Daddy are horrible builders, he finally decided he would build with them, myself. HURRAY! I was impressed and one day said, “What a great castle you made.” His reply, “It’s a garage!” “Oh I see.” I responded. As he drove his mini cars around the top of the “garage.” Looks like a castle to me, but what do I know. His next creation was a race car track. I think I foresee Nascar calling in his future. “I love that you are building with your LEGOS.” I said to him yesterday. “LEGOS aren’t for building, LEGOS are for my cars, Mommy.” Well he told me didn’t he.


I love watching his creativity pan out in front of him, and his hilarious responses to the simplest things. If Nascar doesn’t swoop him up maybe it will be comedy. Either way it’s amazing how kids see the world and create things all differently. He loves his LEGOS so much they even get kisses, above!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” 

5 thoughts on “LEGOS are for my cars, Mommy!”

  1. Ahh…the guessing game of what the kids have created! I must admit I am a terrible guesser! I always get yelled at for guessing wrong. They think its fun to take a common household item, place it on their faces or heads then ask me what they look like…once upon a time it was cute…

  2. Lucas says – Buba is becoming one of my favourite members of the GL Gang. I like the way he’s keeping you guessing. I suggest you attend one of my intermediate lectures on LEGO building – something they are sadly lacking in parenting classes currently!!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    • Oh yes I will get on those lessons right away. Definitely needed in this house. Thanks Lucas, Buba loves that you are enjoying his creations and crazy phrases. Big high fives from Buba to Lucas!! 😉


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