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Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:53 pm

I am on a photography journey. Having taken thousands and thousands of photos my whole life, I should be better at it, you would think. I never took the time to learn in detail what all the functions on my camera were for, until now. I am tired of being left with grainy, blurry, unfocused special moments. Since having kids, I am pushing myself to learn my camera’s MANUAl mode and capture those moments perfectly the first time around.

This week the lovely Jocelyn at Reading Residence has a lesson from Through Niks Lens on landscape photography. Nik provides us with some amazing points on what to look out for and prepare for when taking landscape photos. Since I didn’t have time to go out and find some landscapes around where I live, I thought I would share some landscape pictures I have taken recently, before I had learned all these fabulous new tips.

I find that if I study my old pictures from before I started this photography journey, it really helps me point out: my bad habits, what I could have done better, and what common mistakes I make time and time again. Things I never would have picked up on or noticed. Every time I learn a new lesson I go back over my old pictures and try to see I could have done better, then if I can I try to go take those pictures again. Obviously some of these below are a little further away to redo.

The first two are from my beloved parents’ house, right off their front porch. It’s a surreal place to be, especially here in the morning when the sun is peaking over the mountain and you can hear the ice crackling in the river. I love it’s stillness and beauty. I could have done better to focus on something specific, rather than just pointing and shooting. There was no thought here, I just snapped.


Same with this lovely snow filled one from the other side of my parents’ house. It’s grainy probably because I shook, I am horrible for shaking in my photos. Something I need to learn to do is be steady, or lay off the coffee! I was attempting to capture the water rapids, but here they are out of focus.


The next two pictures are through a window, so there was little I could do, but the view was too breathing taking, not to capture. The first one is over the Rocky Mountains in America, and the second one is looking out of the Hancock Tower in Chicago. Mountains or coastal landscapes are gorgeous. They prove just how strong mother nature really is, so don’t go messing with her. Timing wasn’t good on either of these because they were both really late at night past that perfect dusk light. I also only took one of each, which is a rookie mistake.



The next two were taken in our trip to Lanzarote last month. The first is the sun rising above the water in front of our hotel and the second is the sun setting from our bedroom balcony. I think I could have timed them both better, I didn’t think of the location enough on the first picture. The sun is intense at that angle which caused more shadows on the sand where I was focusing on Mr P and my footsteps, walking along the shoreline. Could have been a really romantic picture, could have been but wasn’t!


Here at sunset, watching from our balcony, I was attempting to capture the gorgeous crescent moon and her outer linings. In person you could see the full circle. It was beautiful. The orange glow over the water as the night life started to wake up and buzz. The picture didn’t capture what I truly felt at that moment, but at least it brings back those memories.


And last but not least I give you the landscape behind our house, rolling hills, and fields of grass to picnic, play, and roll around on. We love going up on the hills and playing soccer with Buba, while Missy Moo rides on one of our backs in the rucksack.


So my biggest things to concentrate on right now is focus, location, timing, visualise. Oh wait that’s just about all of them. lol I clearly have things to work on. Photography is a slow journey, but a journey I am thoroughly enjoying.

Thank you for the lesson Nik, I enjoyed learning some helpful tips and next time I am out taking pictures of landscapes I will be sure to keep them all in mind. Hopefully my next set of landscape photos you will all see my improvement!

Thanks Jocelyn for hosting another great lesson and sharing with us. If you want to link up your landscape photos, click on Reading Residence above.

What do you think of my landscape photos above? Β Any advice I would love to hear it, comment below.

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20 thoughts on “Lanscape Photography Lesson”

    • Thanks Kriss. I am lucky to have come from such a beautiful place. And because we always fly through Chicago on the way home it’s another added bonus. The world is so full of amazing places. I have a ton still on my list to visit and explore!

    • Thanks Vic, I don’t either, still at the very early stages of learning. I have a few up coming classes so hopefully they will get better. I really want to start taking great photos then trying to write a poem for each photo. But that’s a long time off. lol Trying to put my two passions together. πŸ˜‰

  1. Wow, they look pretty amazing to me! I particularly love the scenic ones you took at your parents’ place – I do love a snowy view and those trees are majestic! I’m also trying to improve my photography at the moment. Just need to get a decent DSLR first!

    • Thanks Suz. I know, me too. I have been shopping around I can’t decide between a Nikon and a Canon. So many good photographers recommend both. I am taking a class in April I can’t wait. I feel like I can never get the lighting right or the pictures completely in focus. That picture of the snow is my favorite. It’s off my parents porch. Its weird to say I grew up there I definitely didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have when I lived there.

  2. Great idea to go back and look to see how you could improve. You may be seeing these photos in a different way now, but hopefully they still bring back that moment to you, which I think is priceless.

    Love your descriptions that go with the snow clad landscapes. I can tell you are very fond of these locations.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, I have lived in these locations and made so many memories in each! Special moments for sure. I hope to improve my skills so its just second natural when taking photos. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Looks like you had a good teacher – lovely photos. I’m terrible with photography and never seem to have the time to learn.
    I love the second photo best!

    • Thanks Beth, that’s my problem I keep trying to make time and then it gets pushed to the back burner. I need more hours in the day for sure. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again soon.

    • Thank you, I have so much to learn, and don’t know where to start. They are nothing like your stunning photography. I struggle with lighting and blurred pictures alot. I do try to hold the camera right and steady but my pictures always seem out of focus. Lighting in my house is horrible and I take most of my pictures indoors unfortunately, any tips to help my pictures be lighter without using flash! Loved your guest post.

  4. I think your photos are brill – I’m a rubbish photographer. Just can’t do it! I absolute adore the last one of your two boys – what a special moment. I think I’ve said that before on another of your posts, but it’s lovely. You should have it framed πŸ™‚

    • Thank you. I look at them now though since I have learned a (little) and I think oh I should have done this or I should have done that. πŸ˜‰ It’s great to go back through pictures and see how I can improve. Really helpful.


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