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I grew up with a lot of brothers, and a tomboy sister, so pink wasn’t in my vocabulary. Looking at me now you would never have guessed I hated the color pink. I refused to wear it long into my teenage years. I wanted everything and anything in blue!
Then I fell head over hills in love with pink, I was 22 years old. A late girlie bloomer you could say. I went from my overalls, plaid shirts, ponytails and the color blue to the extreme opposite high heels, makeup, dresses and a lot of pink. Pink nail polish, pink lip gloss, pink clothes, my life looked like one big bubble gum factory.
So when I had kids of my own I never thought to choose certain colors due to gender. It turns out my son’s first favorite color is purple. It’s all about the purple at the moment. “Purple car, purple car, purple cars,” he shouts all around the house. In his new Pirate Pete’s Potty book he has to pick the purple big boy pants for Pete’s favorite and his own favorite, every time. He loves his purple nursery shirt, and if I let him he would wear it over and over. It’s cute, I don’t think anything of it.
This day and age, pink or blue has no gender. You can see it in the department stores, there are vibrant pinks and purples in the boys’ section and deep blues and greens in the girls’ section. It’s all mixed just the way it should be.
This isn’t to say I don’t love to buy mountains and mountains of pink for my little girl, or adorn my son’s bedroom in navy and white stripes because I do. But when the time comes and he picks pink and she picks blue, I will not stand in their way.

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  1. I love the prompt because it’s so interesting reading everyone’s takes on the theme. You’re right there is more variety in clothing these days… but only to a point. I think girls can get away with more than boys. I had a little boy ask if monkey was a girl because we have a purple buggy! And you don’t see a lot of pink boys clothing 🙂 Interseting to think about though 🙂 Love that buba’s fave colour is purple, so cute! #theprompt

    • Thank you, I do too, its a fab linky. I get sad when I don’t have enough time to link up every week. I do try my best, as I love supporting Sara she is a fabulous blogger. I get asked if my daughter is a boy almost on a daily basis, yesterday twice!!! 😉

    • I agree as the kids get older I will let then choose. I think every year they get better and better about having all colors in both boy and girl sections. Thanks for the comments and stopping by. 🙂

  2. Oh we’re the same I lived in black as a teen hated pink then turned 22 and it was like bring me all the pink! My kitchen is pink! My kids can pick whatever they want, my son has a pink pushchair because his sister wouldn’t share hers haha children don’t really care unless they’ve been influenced I believe xx

    • So true on the influence side. I can’t imagine people doing that these days but I am sure it still happens. My son loves all his sister’s pink stuff. It’s funny how we can be so anti pink and boom we don’t just like it more we love it all the sudden. haha Love your domain, cupcakemumma, I am obsessed with cupcakes too! 😉

  3. Although I describe myself as girlie now (and I am!), I was a bit of tomboy until I was in my teens 🙂 I think clothes are really interesting because they can be a very visible way of telling people a bit about ourselves. I love seeing my boys in purple and the odd splash of pink, and often dress my daughter in red and navy, but I do think that Caroline is right when she says it can be easier for girls to get away with a bit more (although it can be hard when they’re babies as neutral clothes make it tricky at times!). Great post! Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt (and for the lovely words above x).

    • Thanks Sara, I love your prompt. So true on the girls getting away with it a little more than boys. I get asked if MM is a boy all the time because she isn’t always in pink, especially if she is in neutral clothes, its’ always a guessing game.

  4. I agree with everyone else about clothes. I have a baby boy now and although I like to dress him in lots of bright colours, most things are still ‘boy’ clothes. If I have another baby and it’s a girl then I will probably dress her in a lot of Toby’s old clothes….but if it was the other way round and I’d had a girl first then I don’t think I would be so keen to dress a boy in ‘girls’ clothes.

    • Buy pink! lol hahaha Thanks for commenting. I do try too to variety their wardrobe, but my new obsessed with pink and dark navy with green has me stuck on stereotype colors at the moment. Although Buba does ask for purple a lot! 🙂 haha


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