Love the little things #8

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:09 pm

This week we have all been taken down by the plague that seems to be taking over, all over. My two babies have been coughing, snotting, screaming, and croaky, bless them. I have tried my best to keep my head above all the snot and not catch it myself. I haven’t been in the best of moods, as you can probably gather from my various post this week, so I am so excited that it’s Friday, and time for “Love the little things” from Butwhymummywhy what better way to end the week then with things I love.


I have been really bad this week, and haven’t had a chance to even finished “I heart Hollywood” yet. Shame I know, it’s been two weeks. I already have ten more books on my list to read, I best get back to it. I have read some fabulous blogs this week, I am really, really getting into reading blogs more than my books. Catch A Single Thought is just one of the many I am catching up on this week. I read one or two posts and hours later I realize I am still reading the same blog. Would love some recommendations of your favorite blogs, comment below!


I watched the first two episodes of Nashville on 4OD, and watched the third episode last night. A good friend highly recommended it, and I am so glad she did. It’s right up my alley of tv favorites already. Another good one, coming soon is Revolution, Mr. P and I got into last season. I think it starts in a week, can’t wait.


This took me back to my wedding, on the river at my parents house, where one of our good friends sang this song for us all. It really got the party going!

Kenny Chesney – When The Sun Goes Down




We are building legos galore in this house this week, with the crappy weather, and stuck in doors, our creativity, in what we can build is vast now. If you asked Buba, they are just for his cars. I either had to build a car garage for his cars, or a car race track over and over. It didn’t go without a thank you, just a thank you to the wrong person or in this case wrong thing, Buba kept kissing his legos saying, “thank you legos”. I think that should have been, “thank you Mommy!”


S&SwhiteS&SI have to share these adorably fabulous Slugs & Snails rainbow tights, I bought Missy Moo last week. I haven’t had them off her. They are so soft and cute. I saw them on instagram and had to have them. They go with everything.

And lastly..

I write a lot of poetry every week, some happy, some sad, and some wacky. I wanted to share this week’s with all of you:

Life’s Test

It’s not what it always seems,

In life we will find,

Things that we think,

Things that we assume,

Could bite us, after time,

Challenging us to our core,

We can try our best,

Hoping to succeed,

Learning the hard way,

Is life’s little test!


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16 thoughts on “Love the little things #8”

    • Thank you, I know when I first saw them I knew I just had to have them. There aren’t just your normal everyday pink or white tights. I think they actually were in the boys section. 😉

    • Thank you, me too it’s been a long week of snotty noses. They are actually for boys on the wesbite, hahaha But I love them for both. They have a ton of boy tights on there too. Check out Kyna Boutique!!!

    • Thank you so much, she is so much fun. I know I am obsessed with these tights. I might have to buy them in the next size up too! I am just getting into Nashville but hooked already. I hate that home is always a heading of me on the shows, I have to not look at my facebook so my friends and family don’t ruin it for me. I am always a season behind. lol

    • Thanks Jo, these tights would you believe are actually boy tights from Kyna Boutique she has a whole selection of boy tights, I was surprised but loved them so much MM got them instead. 😉

  1. The tights are so cute!
    My two year old loves bricks too, we have to keep making a tunnel and a garage or just a really big tower for him to break down! xx

  2. We’ve had the cold virus too my boy has been ill all week I haven’t even managed to edit my little loves post for this week let alone post it! 🙁 I hope all are better soon 🙂 lovely poem at the end and those tights are just too cute xx

    • Oh no, I hope he is feeling a lot better today, and enjoying some of this sunshine we are having. Still cold but nice. I think today is the first day we all have been dressed properly before noon. Thank you I love writing poetry, every Thursday I usually write 2 to 4 poems but this week was challenging. I was lucky to write one. Check them out in categories “poems” would love to hear what you think.

  3. Hope your two are feeling better now.

    Love that you’re enjoying Nashville, I just caught up last night with the one from this week and now understand your text!

    MM’s tights are super cute and I would defo get them if my girls were smaller xx

    • Thanks hun, glad you are all caught up. Yes we are slowly but surely on the mend. I know I love these tights, going to get the next size up too for her I like them that much. Thanks for hosting another fab week of #littlelove


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