{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #11

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“What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Always come to mind, when Buba is jabbering on all day. I have even said it to him a few times, only to get the head tilt in confusion and the question,”Willis?”

This week is a few of our car conversations. It’s a shame we live so close to everything, I could write a book on the entertaining things Buba says in the car. As soon as I strap him in his car seat, it’s like a light pops on and his mouth never stops.

His new favorite thing is to tell Mommy where to drive. “This way, Mommy” or “wrong way Mommy, go that way, Mommy.” I have tried a few dozen times to tell him we have to go this way to get where we need to go. He isn’t convinced. “No go that way, please Mommy,” begging me to change direction constantly. I picked him up from nursery, and needed to get milk, as we are driving to the store he says, “can you find my house?” I replied, “Yes, but we need milk.” He shook his head and scowled at me, “my house is this way, Mommy.”  I tried to explain that we need to make a pit stop. Instead I had to listen to this being shouted “Wrong way, Mommy, wrong way, Mommy, wrong way, Mommy” to me all the way to the store parking lot.

Our next little conversation happened yesterday in the car. The sun, for once was beaming.

Buba: “Ohhhhhh my eyes!” covering them with his hand, “move it Mommy.”

Me: Complexed, “move what?”

Buba: “My eyes.” he shouted.

Me: Looking in the rearview mirror and realizing the sun was in his eyes, “I can’t move the sun hunny, I am sorry.”

Buba: “But my eyes are sore.”

Me: “Close them.” as I turned the corner… there was a long pause…

Buba: “Ohhh you did it Mommy. Thanks”

My son now thinks I have power over the sun. Great, that won’t come back to bite me later. Made me feel powerful for a split second though, in my son’s eyes.

Our last car conversation is chasing an ambulance.

Buba: “What’s that?” hearing the sirens on an ambulance.

Me: “It’s an ambulance.”

Buba: “What is he doing?”

Me: “He is going to help someone.”

Buba: “No, Mommy.”

Me: “Yes, that’s why his lights and sirens are on.”

Buba: “No, he is going home, Mommy.”

Me: “I think he is helping someone first then he will probably go home.”

Buba: “No, he is eating dinner now.”

Why I try to argue back I will never know. It’s usually have way through trying to convince him of something that I realize I am arguing with a 2 year old. I love our time in the car together, and the mini conversations that are starting to sprout out. I can’t wait till Missy Moo can talk. I wonder what will be said between the two of them.

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48 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #11”

    • Thanks Kim. I thought so myself. He even told daddy I can move the sun. Now that’s power. Lol I will be devastated when he is old enough to know I don’t have any such powers. Lol

  1. Young children conversations are the best! I get all sorts being shared with me at my Nursery! Its fab watching their talking progress! xx

  2. Awww, bless him! Children say the funniest things! It is great that you are keeping track of his little gems through your blog. I have a little notebook for each of mine, and love looking through it! Mel #ShareWithMe

    • I know I feel so powerful with this new ability. Although the next week when he asks I wasn’t successful and he told me, that I wasn’t doing my job! 😉 haha

  3. I love this Jenny – how wonderful that he thinks you have power of the sun. My little boy is constantly telling me that I’m going the wrong way and that he’s right. He usually is! #sharewithme

  4. Ha ha I love that he tries to direct you – so sure they are right aren’t they, toddlers?! I wrote down some of the funny little things that my lot said when they were toddlers. I really regret not starting a blog before.

    • I know me too, I read all these amazing pregnancy blogs and it kills me that I wasn’t blogging with both of my two. I keep doing flashbacks for Buba so he is documented here as much as Missy Moo. Just to feel like its fair. I actually have a flashback coming tomorrow morning! 🙂

  5. oh this is just absolutely darling!! I once said to my son, Carson (5yrs old), that I was” full to the maximum” after eating dinner… He responded with “Me too, but I’m full to the maxicarson”
    It took me AGES to understand what the heck he was on about!

    I’ve popped on over from #sharewithme and would love you to come say hi at carsonsmummy.blogspot.co.uk too 🙂 xx

  6. Oh the arguing . . . drives me mad when Ben asks me why something is the way it is and when I tell him he argues back – why ask then!? haha.

    • Love it Colette. Glad I am not the only one trying to argue with a tot. Silly me for thinking I could reason with him. lol Thanks for popping by!

  7. My son went through a phase of telling me where to go…hmm. think he’s still doing that actually 🙂 Thanks for hosting a great blog hop Jenny X

    • Thanks Sam Glad you liked it. I am glad it’s going well too because I was so nervous to start my own linky. lol I am loving getting to know more bloggers and their great blogs.

  8. I really can’t wait for these moments! I even find myself explaining things to and arguing my point with Rhys – he’s 1 … he has no idea haha

    Buba is such a little cutie pie!

    • They are great. Too bad we can’t all have recorders in them to document it. I can’t really grab my phone and write it down while driving. lol Although the recorder probably would break with peeping out my road rage cursing hahaaha


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