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Me & You October Photography Project
If someone told me I would find my person, the one I run to first for advice, support, love and cuddles I wouldn’t have believed them. I was very skeptical when it came to love and marriage before I met Mr P. The one big thing I have learned is you can’t possibly know about that deep, gut strong love until it knocks you off your feet. 
I  don’t say it often enough, I don’t think, with the bustle of two tots and so much going on, but I am so grateful for many things Mr P does for me. 
I am grateful that he is the best father, ever, to my two beautiful children.
I am grateful that he works so hard to provide a loving home and life for all of us.
I am grateful that when the going gets tough we are a team and support each other. 
I am grateful that he knows when I need him the most, even if I don’t say it, he is there.
I am grateful that he gets me like no one else.
I am grateful that he challenges me when I am being silly, and it makes me stronger.
I am grateful that he teaches me to be more tough skinner and stand up for myself.
I am grateful for him and for all that he does for me. 
These are only a few of the little ways Mr P makes my life completely next to our kids. He fills me with joy and pride when I look across a room and know he is “my” husband, all “mine!” He still after almost eight years together, makes me want to kiss him, hug him, make-out like teenagers if the time is appropriate with him, the fire is still burning as brightly for him as it did on holiday all those years ago when I met him.
I think we do a great job at both complimenting each other when we need a boost and be honest when one of our egos get the best of us. We are both Capricorns and bull headed but we mesh so perfectly together. We like to happy binker, teasing each other and be funny. Nothing is more precious than laughing with your partner. 
October has been a beautiful month up until now. It has been jam packed with outings together with our wellies on and park hopping on the weekends. Doing all the things we love and do the best – together.
Play! Love! Laugh! Learn! Together! Just Me & You!
dear beautiful

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  1. Aw, this is such a lovely post and I hope you’ve shared this with Mr P. Here’s to many more happy years for both of you x


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