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Kids Designer Wear Base Fashion Since the moment I had my first child I was hooked on kids designer wear. I love the colors, patterns, printed, quality, fabrics, and hundreds of more reasons to buy them too. I also love a good bargain and don’t like to pay ridiculously for clothes my kids will grow out of too soon. Many people think you can’t get designer wear at bargain prices but I think you can and of course every once in a while spurlging for those special occasions too. Buba has probably lived most of his life in Ralph Lauren from USA outlets because I have the connections not because I pay the price tag. Now, Missy Moo is into little girls clothes I can start searching where to buy her fashion style.

I absolutely love Mayoral clothing for girls and when I was asked if I wanted to review an outfit from Base Fashion, I squealed with delight. It was great to find somewhere that had great prices and amazing sales on too.

I chose this stunning t-shirt and shorts set from Mayoral girl as we are traveling to France and Spain soon and I wanted Missy Moo to have some vibrant floral clothes for our trip. It also fit Missy Moo’s style of shorts with tights and cardigans at the moment so she could wear it even though it’s still cold outside here.

Kids Designer Wear Base FashionThe top has 3D florals with glittery butterflies on the front and finished off with a lovely pink 3D bow. Missy Moo loved pointing at her t-shirt and shouting, “pretties”. It’s a lovely soft cotton material and washes amazing. I was nervous about the vibrant colors running but it didn’t.

Kids Designer Wear Base FashionThe shorts were an absolute favorite of mine as much as they were hers. I actually want a pair in my size too. The dotted, scarf belt is an adorable accent to the brightly colored floral pattern. The waistband has numerous adjustable holes on each side for the small waistlines and allows room to grow. I love adjustable waistlines in kids’ clothes because my kids are tall but skinny so they need bigger sizes but have small waists and this ensure they can wear clothes a lot longer than ones that don’t have it. The shorts are made of the softest silkiest fabric ever. I couldn’t stop running my hands over them when I opened the package. Great to breath in summer but thick enough to layer in the winter.

Kids Designer Wear Base FashionSo whether we are flying off to somewhere warm and she can strut her butterfly t-shirt and shorts with her jellies or she pairs them with tights and a cardigan (below) this outfit is a winner in my book. I think it suits her style and shape at this age so well. The beauty of tights and shorts is she can still run around and be rough and tumbly like she loves without skirts and dresses tripping her up but still look stylish. Kids Designer Wear Base FashionMissy Moo’s smiles should tell you all you need to know about how she feels about her new clothes. She absolutely loves trying new things on and never goes without her hair clips in either. These butterflies hair clips were a perfect match to her new outfit and she was quick to point it out already at 1 1/2 years old. That’s scary I know! Even though she can be such a tomboy she loves clothes, shoes, and accessories, a girlie girl in the mix too.

Kids Designer Wear Base Fashion

Kids Designer Wear Base FashionI love the colors in this outfit because you could pair it with yellow tights or yellow cardigan or even turquoise tights or turquoise cardigan. Or why not pair the t-shirt with a jean skirt or leggings. The options are endless which is another reason I love it so much. You want versatile clothing for kids so you can mix and match with whatever is clean and get more wear out of each item.

Kids Designer Wear Base FashionKids Designer Wear Base Fashion

 Thank you, Base Fashion so much for Missy Moo’s beautiful outfit. We absolutely loved testing it out and had so much fun on our little mini photo shoot here as well.

And to all of you, if you have kids or teens check out their website, they always have sales on and great brands in stock too! Sping is just around the corner! Get shopping!

Kids Designer Wear Base Fashion

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    • Thanks Donna. I love making summer clothes work in winter their colors and patterns are always more vibrant and stand out among all the grey gloom of winter time. lol

    • Thank you hun. I hope you are right on the warmer weather. I think Missy Moo enjoyed getting new designer clothes more than I did. lol She had a blast taking photos I thought I was going to have to bribe and follow her around all day to get a few nice shots. lol Not easy working with kids and the camera

  1. Oh I love Mayoral – my in laws go on holiday to Spain once a year and almost always come back with a little something gorgeous for my girls – last winter it was purple silver and grey tartan dresses – I’m so looking forward to when Elma gets a bit bigger and they can come out again!


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