How to Plan a Garden Party

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 04:20 pm

As the UK’s lockdown starts to lift, we’re able to start planning ahead and reconnecting with those we haven’t seen for several months. One great way of seeing your friends again is planning a garden party in your outside space.

This is an effective way of keeping your guests safer and reducing the risk of infection. You’ll also be able to invite more people round if you stay outside too. So, let’s get the party started by running through some of the main things you need to plan.

how to plan a garden party

How to plan a garden party:

Money, Money, Money!

When you are starting to plan your party, you need to first set the all-important budget. Think about how much you can spend on food, drink and your decorations. A great way to save some money is to ask your guests to bring a drink and some snacks along. Pot luck style.

Spruce Up Your Space

Often, we forget to tidy up our gardens when we are cleaning the house, so it’s a good idea to give your outside space some attention the day before the party. You should look out for any weeds; fallen leaves and you could also tidy away any of your bulkier play equipment. You could also hire a cleaning expert if you have a larger budget for the event. Or even add some outdoor lighting.

Time to Decorate

If you have chosen a theme for your party, you can find a range of garden decorations which will help you to achieve just this, from tropical to beach vibes to a vintage style. If you are hosting a party with your friends who have kids, make sure that you keep them busy so you can have a fun time on your own. You can decorate your garden with small pools or bouncy houses that will entertain the kids and they will love it. If you can not find inflatables that will match your theme, you can create a custom yard inflatable by yourself, of course, with the help of inflatable manufacturers. No matter what your theme is, pink or boho party, you can easily create the cutest bouncy house that will add a new spirit to your garden and, importantly, will satisfy your little guests.

Remember you can coordinate your tablecloths, napkins and cutlery too to whatever theme you select.

Another great touch is to add potted flowers around the garden, and smaller bouquets on the tables. This will also help to spread a lovely and fresh aroma around the space too. And of course, don’t forget the bunting! This is a very popular choice as it is an easy way to transform your garden into a party venue.

The Great British Weather

As this party will be held outside, it’s very crucial that you keep an eye on that pesky weather and check the forecast regularly in the days leading up to the date. If rain is predicated there’s no need to cancel, as you could install a canopy or shade sail in your garden. A shade sail will also be a great place to put your food table, as it will protect it from the rain and sun too!

hygiene for party supplies

Stay Updated with Guidelines

If you are hosting your party during the pandemic, you should prioritise everyone’s safety. Hosting an event is a big responsibility and you need to make sure that your friends feel comfortable with your measures in place. Check the current guidelines on the Government website in the days leading up to the date, and ensure that everyone follows the rules in place. If people are travelling from other towns, remember to check for any local lockdowns and restrictions in place.

It’s a good idea to stock up on hand sanitiser, placing bottles where your guests will arrive and around your tables. You could also provide face masks for anyone who wishes to wear one, especially if your toilets are inside your home. Serve food on disposable plates too, as these can be recycled afterwards, and you don’t have to worry about deep cleaning your dishware before and after. Lastly, spread out your seating options around the garden so that everyone can keep to a safe distance.

planning a garden party bbq

Start the BBQ

While everyone is arriving, you could serve a refreshing fruit punch or even some signature cocktails. When it’s time to eat, make sure that you have considered what your guests like and if there are any allergies or intolerances. As this is a garden party, a barbeque is an obvious choice and a real crowd-pleaser. Alongside your grilled dishes, you could serve a range of salads and homemade dips.

Family-Fun Entertainment

Once your party is in full swing, you may want to start some entertainment or games. To create a fun and relaxing atmosphere, why not play some background music? You could create your own playlist on Spotify, and even ask your friends for any requests too. Or if you’re tight on time, there are plenty of premade playlists perfect for a garden party.

When it comes to the games, you need to make sure that they allow everyone to continue to social distance. One fun idea is to run a mini sports day, and encourage the children to get up and moving about outside. Or as the evening draws in, set up a projector and screen to turn your space into an outdoor cinema.

The Big Clear Up

After the fun has finished, it’s time to start thinking about clearing everything up. If you have borrowed any chairs or items, make a checklist to keep track of where everything needs to go and what needs cleaning.

When you are clearing away the mess, make sure you disinfect the seats, tables and doorknobs thoroughly. You can then also recycle any used disposable cutlery.

Now you should have a good idea of how to safely plan the perfect party for your family and friends. Just remember to follow the guidelines and the day will be a hit.

garden tea party how to plan a party

See planning a garden party doesn’t have to be daunting with covid restrictions just takes a little bit more planning! Have fun and enjoy!

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