Luxury essentials for your dream garden

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:07 pm

Last summer, I worked really hard at turning my garden into an oasis. I landscaped it myself with plants, shrubs, flowers, and rock work. It was hard work. If you missed my garden revamp you can peak at Stage One, Two and Three here. We really wanted to create a space that was inviting and beautiful to enjoy all year round.

Now that the sun is finally showing its face again, it’s time for us to resume our favourite outdoor activities: lazy Saturdays lounging with a good book and a cold drink, barbeques with loved ones, sunny picnics and garden parties that last until the evening light fades.

So this year we have been updating our garden and patio area with some stylish, classic pieces that we can enjoy for many summers to come. Here are a few tips to create such a space in your garden.


luxury essentials for your garden

Image via Flickr

If you don’t already have a hammock, consider investing in one. They are the perfect place for a nap in the sun or a relaxing glass of wine in the evening. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials to suit any space constraints. For example, if you don’t have trees sturdy enough to secure the ends, look into a free-standing hammock. And if you want the deluxe treatment, opt for a king-size, padded hammock with built-in pillows for optimum comfort.

Sun lounger

luxury essentials for your garden

Bayside Reclining Chair & Stool, Fishpools (image via Fishpools)

Another essential addition for your garden or patio is a sun lounger. Opt for an armchair-style piece (like the one pictured above) that features plump cushions for back support and added comfort. Or you could go for a more minimal, functional poolside sun lounger, ideal for drying off after a refreshing swim.


Gazebos are the ideal way to entertain outside. You’re covered from direct so you don’t have pause to constantly reapply suncream and the hanging curtains prevent pesky insects from spoiling your food or inflicting irritating bites. There is a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from when building your gazebo – here’s one that could host a fantastic dinner party, or you could go with a smaller, more intimate one (pictured above) for a romantic evening.

Bench swingluxury essentials for your garden

Image via Flickr

A bench swing is an easy, comfortable way to lounge with company. Select a sturdy frame in a neutral colour, and decorate it with colourful pillows, throws and seat cushions to your heart’s content. If you are particularly sensitive to the sun, it might be wise to invest in one with a covered top, as added protection from sunburn.

Outdoor barluxury essentials for your garden

Image via StockSnap

The ultimate in summer luxury is definitely your personal garden bar. No more need to brave crowded pub gardens or stand endlessly with the hopes that someone will vacate a table soon – you’ve got your own! Although these are a bit more of a novelty splurge, an outdoor mini bar will take your entertaining to the next level. Opt for a classic wooden set complete with mini bar stools, like this one.

You can see what I have been up to in my garden this summer here. It’s came along way from when we first moved in and it’s such a lovely thing to come home to and go out back. We love it.

How do you like to decorate your garden?

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  1. Fabulous ideas here Jenny – love that gazebo and perfect timing as our last one blew down in a storm and destroyed itself!

    • Oh no that’s awful. I would love a gazebo for sure. I have so many ideas for a dream garden one day. lol It’s nice to wish right? Thanks Michelle.


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