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Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 03:59 pm

It’s summer time and everyone is out in their garden’s trying to make an oasis so they can sit back and relax during the coming sunny months. (we hope).  Each year, you can hear the lawn mowers starting up as the temperatures begin to climb and smell the neighbors BBQ as early as possible even if the weather isn’t quite there yet. It’s all anticipation and leading up to summer. Who doesn’t love summer and what it offers?

Home Decor Outdoor Living Graham & Brown cushions

We landscaped our entire back garden last year and got it to a point where we knew this year it would be ready to enjoy it. The only thing missing was a little bit of furniture. I have always gone for the outdoor dining tables in the past as I love hosting outdoor bbq’s and picnics and friends over for drinks in the garden. Something this time just made me go for comfort and style  while still providing what we needed. It was Easter’s bank holiday weekend and we decided to splurge out on this amazing patio fire-pit. It has four very large lounge chairs. Ones that suit eating at the table at but widen enough to snuggle right into for comfort and lounging around. It’s like having a lounge chair and dining room chair all in one. The kids and I can easily sit together in one chair. The middle of the table is a fire-pit and can turn into a bbq as well. So it’s the perfect outdoor party furniture we have ever had and I am really pleased I didn’t go for a tradition outdoor dining table.  

Home Decor Outdoor Living Graham & Brown cushions

When the hot weather comes out I love to bring my home style outdoors with me too. These amazing butterfly cushions from Graham & Brown are just among those things I put out on a really nice day. They add style and design to our garden and create an oasis for us that’s both comfortable and looks good. It’s like having our living room outside with us. I bring my candle lanterns out too for when the sun starts to set and it really creates an inviting environment. I love the look of these amazing cushions outside sort of like a shabby chic look. Our lounge chairs are even harder to get out of once you snuggled back into them with these cushions. 

Whether it’s for a party, friends coming over and or just us I still put the cushions out. We surprised Mr P with a bbq the other night when he got home from work. I had the cushions all out, the food was already all grilled and the bubbly was popped. It may have been a Monday but life is too short not to celebrate just for the sake of it. He hadn’t seen the cushions outside yet as he normally gets in after dark or its raining so I have put them away. He even was impressed how much better it made our patio table look. Classy and chic.Home Decor Outdoor Living Graham & Brown cushions

What I love about these is the colors and pattern pretty much match all the rooms in my house so we aren’t using them outside they can be found scatters on the back living room couch, and a few in the spare room too. You don’t have to go out and buy cushions just for your outdoor living space. Buy cushions you can use indoor as well as outdoor. There is so many things you can use for both outdoor and indoor living spaces. Home Decor Outdoor Living Graham & Brown cushions

If you are like me and love bring your home style outdoors, look around your home see what else you can bring outdoors with you too. Candles are always a great outdoor accessory. Just bring them in when you go in so the rain doesn’t get them. Lanterns and candle pillars too. Cushions of course as you can see. All our dishes and place mats are for inside and outside dining for us. Ikea is a great place for that. I even think rugs if you have a big patio. There is something more inviting and welcoming when they is home decor outside. I have always wanted to live in a place where I can style my garden like I do my house and leave it out year round. (one can wish).  Another favorite is huge throw pillows the kind you lay on to watch tv, they make great lounge cushions in the grass both for adults and kids alike. Home Decor Outdoor Living Graham & Brown cushions

I am ever so excited to be a Graham & Brown brand ambassador this year. These cushions are just one of many amazing interior products they sell on top of luxury wallpapers and paint. I think you can really use any of their decor items for an outdoor living spaces as much as you can for indoor. 

Graham & Brown brand ambassador home interior design
Home Decor Outdoor Living Graham & Brown cushions

What does your dream back garden look like? Do you like to use your home decor in the back garden as well? Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts in the comment box below. Home Decor Outdoor Living Graham & Brown cushions What do you think of my outdoor living space? The cushions really do make it an amazing space. Have you heard of Graham & Brown before? 

•We were sent these for the purpose of this review but all photos and opinions are my own. 

14 thoughts on “Our outdoor living space”

  1. I love those cushions. I’d never heard of Graham and Brown until you mentioned you were working with them recently and they have some gorgeous stuff. If I had everything all laid out for my other half when he came home from work like that I think he’d die of shock lol! It looks gorgeous x

    • Oh the plastic ones are amazing too. We had those. We definitely spoiled ourselves with this one but hoping it last for years to come. Lots of entertaining going on here. lol

    • Thank you darling. We have a few new things in the house to share when I return from America can’t wait. Loving spending time in the garden. If only the sun would stay forever.

  2. it looks seriously inviting. I am desperate to get on styling our garden. We have a party next week and I am so sad it shall not be ready on time.
    Those cushions are gorgeous I love Graham and brown xx

    • Thanks Kara for your lovely comment, your help tonight and all your amazing support. You are truly amazing. Styling takes time just think it gives you an excuse to have another one to celebrate it being finished. Graham & Brown are amazing aren’t they?

  3. This looks lovely. We’re about to move and we’ll get this huge garden. We dream of a porch to sit when the wether is not that summmery yet, and a hammock, a treehouse, a vegetable garden, fruittrees… The whole thing. And outdoor dinners, just because we can. Can’t wait. Enjoy your summer in your perfect chairs!


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