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Friyay! I never thought I would be typing that but I am excited for the weekend ahead. It’s Blogtacular weekend, those that don’t know it’s a creative and inspiring blog conference in London. I have waited all year to attend. It’s finally here. I am not just excited to get my creative juices flowing but to also get to stay with a group of ladies that have been my rock this year.

We only have a week and a half left before we are state side and my post come from sunny America. I can’t wait more so this year than last as MM is older now and will have so much fun getting to see all her cousins and friends. My best friend’s little girl was born on the same day so the girls get to chime in their 2nd birthdays together. It’s going to be a truly special summer. B starts school in September so it’s our official last summer where we can stay so long.

It’s time for sharing what we have been loving this week for our weekly #littleloves.


You would be so proud of me, I am actually reading a real book and almost finished. I mentioned it last week called The Good Life and stuck with it for once. I put work away last night even though I have over a hundred SWM posts to read and comment on and I turned the tv off and stuck my nose in a book all evening. It felt great and it has been a long time since I just ignored all my “to do’s” and read for hours. It got late and I took my book to bed even. I used to do that every other night and I can’t remember the last time Mr P and I read in bed together. We both commented on how nice it was and we should do more of it. I really need to learn to slow down and stop thinking of tomorrow and enjoy today.


Have you heard of More Drinks? Well, neither had I but since I have we have had our fridge stocked for both Mr P and I and the kids. They make Get More and A Little More which are two ranges one for adults and one for kids. I have never ever given my children pop or juice. Not even real juice, one they never liked it and most of them these days are packed with sugar and nothing nutritious about them.

More Drinks Get More A Little More flavoured water

So when I got introduced to A Little More for kids I was impressed straight away. Hardly any calories like 5, and no added sugar but the best thing about them besides the great taste is that they really do have nutritional value. Depending on which flavor you choose, it’s packed for of multivitamins and immune support. My kids were ecstatic I was giving them something other than water or milk. Mostly for me it’s hard to find healthy drinks for my kids when we travel so I was looking for something I can pack in my diaper bag on all our family days out and adventures together. The kids always have regular water on hand too but it’s nice to get them an extra boost too when they are playing extra hard.

Blogtacular More Drinks and Swimming #littleloves

Then I tried the Get More for adults. What drove me to it in the first place was that I hate drinking plain water. It’s boring and I prefer to choose a latte instead. I am not a pop or juice drinker either so it’s really bad that I don’t drink more liquid. I have tried other flavored waters before but didn’t like the taste. Get More has so much flavors both still and sparkling I have fallen in love with a few flavors like their apple & raspberry which helps you turn food into energy. Definitely my kind of drink at only 6 calories too! Hoping this will help me drink more water and get some vitamins I might be lacking at the same time. It fits in with my new healthy me and getting fit in my thirties.


We finally watched the very last episode of Revenge ever! I am so sad the series is complete but in all fairness you can only get revenge so long. It was the perfect ending and how all the viewers I am sure wanted it to end. I won’t ruin the ending in case someone hasn’t seen it yet. It was great! We are still following along with Grey’s Anatomy which will be in last series too. So many of our shows are ending and we have tried to pick up a few and didn’t like them. Forever ended for us too a few weeks ago which was a huge favorite of both mine and Mr P. I guess that’s what summer is for playing outside and adventures and come September we will have to pick new series to like and be dedicated too. Or just read more. 🙂


We have had our swimsuits on a lot lately. We spend the weekend at Alton Towers Splash Landings last weekend. (post coming soon). It was so much fun. The kids are like little fish in the water. Then the weather turned nice and the kids have been in their paddling pools the last few days, splashing away. I don’t think a little girl can own too many swimsuits so MM got to try her latest out this week. A little number from Next. If you saw her in our Marbella photos she had a little Ted Baker one on full of vibrant colors. I think she suits both the really bright but really pastel colors too.

Blogtacular More Drinks and Swimming #littleloves

Nikki Beach Marbella Spain Family Traveling


For a very special lady, I made my famous Lucky Charms cupcakes for her pressie. While I couldn’t really make the whole cake and carry it on a train to London and then on the tube for a few stops I altered it to cupcakes to celebrate Lucy’s birthday this weekend. And of course for the ladies that I will be spending the weekend with Morgana and Katie too. These ladies have been my ultimate rocks this year and I hope they know how much they have been there for me and I love them to pieces for it. These cupcakes are to celebrate them too! Thank you ladies.

Lucky Charms Cupcakes birthday

And lastly…

I have been changing so much in the LTM household. I have numerous new room tours to share with you all when I return from America. I know I really am making you wait that long to see it all. But we are having a few rooms retiled and I didn’t want to share until it’s completely finished. But you can pop over on my instagram and get little sneak previews of various things going on. Let’s just say six rooms will never look the same again. I am going all out! I am always changing little things here and there but it’s been years since I actually changed big things. I am in need of a good change so I look forward to seeing the finished product as much as you all.

Blogtacular More Drinks and Swimming #littleloves Home

I know I am like a broken record but I have made it to the MAD Blog finals for Best Family Fun and I would love it if you could take one second to click HERE and vote for Let’s Talk Mommy.

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27 thoughts on “Blogtacular, Swimming and More drinks #littleloves”

  1. Looking forward to finally meeting you Jenny, It should be a fabulous day! The littles have been wearing their swim stuff a lot too this week, enjoying relaxed evenings in the garden. Those cakes look incredible! You guys will have such a brilliant weekend 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Donna. I know I am dying for them to get finished so I can actually show them. So many last minute finishing touches I can’t do until I get back from the states.

  2. Wow, what a busy bee! Hope your enjoying the blog fest. I loving the idea of a book, I always turn mny device of after a certain time if night to ‘switch off’ as I would not sleep very much at night and then that would effect my day after. I think it is important to take time out and just be in the moment.
    Thank you for hosting #SWM
    P.s. hope you have a fabulous time in America with your family 🙂

    • I am usually that a busy bee here even when I tell myself I am taking two weeks off and slowing down I never do. It’s just not in me. Yeah we have been trying to do that very thing and switch off completely at a certain time before bed. Thanks I can’t wait to see my family and be HOME again.

  3. MM looks adorable in her little swimsuits. Can’t wait to see what you’re doing to your house, I love your home decorating style. Hope you have a great weekend with the girls x

    • Thank you and I have so many things going on in various rooms it’s hard to get one finished so I can share before I leave so have to wait now until I am back and then I will have a lot to share!!! Promise. Weekend was amazing thank you so much.

    • Thanks Laura, I really did have a wonderful weekend. Such a great time with friends, and making new ones while learning what I need to do next. lol Too much information so little time though.

  4. Hope you had an amazing time at Blogtacular Jenny. I wish I had gone – I had so much envy seeing all the instagrams from it! I’m guessing you won’t be at Britmums as it is so close to your trip? Have a wonderful time and safe travels. Oh, and how amazing do those cupcakes look? You’re magic! xx

    • Thank you Kiran. It truly was perfect for me and my creative side and get things into perspective of where I want to go with my blog and what I am doing in the future. SO much information to take in though. Brain overload. It’s great to be around so many inspiring people and make new friends and see old friends too. It was a love weekend. I would have loved to go to britmums but I am leaving for America the next day. The cupcakes were a huge hit just ask Lucy! lol

  5. Sadly Blogtacular was never really on my radar – did you enjoy it? Would love to go next year as Britmums doesn’t really fit in with our year dates-wise. Lovely pics this week Jenny. And swimming costumes? Wow! I’m lucky if I can get my cardigan off in this weather lol! x

    • Thanks Suzanne. I really, really did and it helped with my creative side and all the other things I want to do with my blog way pass just writing about my children as that’s such a small part of my blog and as they get older will be. So I think it’s worth it. You made me laugh on the swimsuit / cardy situation so true in England.

  6. Those cupcakes look lovely Jenny- I remember commenting on your Lucky Charms cake and about how yummy it looked them! Lucy is very lucky!

    Hope you had a great time at Blogtacular and it’s a shame you aren’t going to Britmums this year, I would have loved to have chatted again. Enjoy your precious time with your family in America, and looking forward to hearing more about what you get up to! x #littleloves

    • Thank you Becky. They were tasty too! Just ask Lucy hahaha We had a fab time at Blogtacular and I learned so much. My brain kind hurts with all that I need to learn and change and do! lol Always the way isn’t it. I am sad I am not going to britmums but leaving for the states. Definitely need to catch up soon lovely.

  7. I hope you had a great weekend away, although judging by your instagram feed I can see that you did, haha! Those drinks look fabulous too, I must remember to keep a wee eye out for those next time I am out shopping. 🙂 #Littleloves x

    • Thanks Debs I really did have a great time. Oh yes got to love instagram. Can’t get enough of it. lol Drinks are great love them for the kids especially and for me as I hate water. lol

  8. Ohhhh. Can I just start by saying how utterly adorable your little one is in those swimsuits? SO so gorgeous! and I’m loving her hair too. I hope you had an amazing time at Blogtacular, I definitely want to head there next year. It looks incredible. I loved Revenge but I’m glad it’s over! It stressed me out a bit by the end! xx

    • Oh I know what you mean I always held my breathe on Revenge each time. Good but it was time to be done. Thanks hunny for stopping by and your lovely comment. Blogtacular was so worth the money. MM loves her fashion. I have fell in love with two more but at her age she can’t have more swimsuits than her momma. It’s just not fair.

    • Oh yes I can’t wait to show you it all when I am finished but I have so much to do when I get back first before I do my proper room tours. Tiles are being installed while we are away luckily. You can come peak and see it before me! lol


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