Dreams of being a soccer mom

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From the very moment I found out I was having a boy I started dreaming of being a soccer mom. I don’t necessarily mean just “soccer” but sports in general. Having so many brothers myself I grew up loving all sports. I don’t mean to say sports are for boys either I have done pretty much every sport you can think of that girls are allowed at school. But it was in that moment when the lady said, It’s A Boy, that I remember thinking of sport days instantly.

I have been thinking more of what kind of “soccer” (sports) mom I want to be. I don’t want to be the drill sergeant kind or the one that pushes to hard they end up hating it. But I want to be the kind of sports mom that stands at the side lines cheering their little one on. What ever kind of extra curricular activity he wants to be involved come September I will fully support. I can’t believe my son is going to start school soon and I have all this to come. So I am setting some ground rules for myself (and Mr P) and have shared them below to be the ultimate soccer mom for my son (and in two years time for my daughter too, sports are for girls too).Dreams of being a soccer mom

How to be the Ultimate Soccer Mom

Did you ever think that you’d become one of them? And by “them,” I mean a soccer mom. Well, I have two words of advice for you: embrace it! Watching your kids be involved in sports is one of the best parts of watching them grow up. Now that spring is here, it’s a good time to get your child outside. They are probably excited to join their friends on the field, while at the same time a little unsure of what to expect.

Before the first practice, talk with your child and get an idea of any questions or worries he or she might have. Extra time to put your child at ease may make all the difference as they begin something new.

If your child has just started his or her first attempt at soccer (or any other sports), then you are in for a world that revolves around grass-stained soccer shorts, dirty cleats, and sweaty faces. Want to be ultimate soccer mom? Here are a few dos and don’ts I’ve learned along the way to help your child be competitive, but ultimately, have fun.

Do be encouraging. It’s hard to know what to expect when first trying any new activity. Your child might love it and do really well from the beginning, or he or she may have a slow start as they ease into it.

Kids want to have a good time. Signing them up for sports provides a chance for them to learn how to play on a team and get some exercise – two very important things. Let your child (and his or her teammates) know that you are a fan by offering supportive words and enthusiastic cheers.

Don’t become overly involved. It’s easy to think that you know what’s best as a parent, but as a spectator, entrust those who have decided to coach the team to do what’s necessary for a victory. Also, avoid critiquing styles or the performance of other kids. If you do feel that there is cause for serious concern, ask to speak with the coach or another parent privately.

Do schedule practice time. Make sure your child attends all practices and also takes time at home to improve his or her sports skills. Buy a soccer ball and a net for the yard. It can become a fun family event and allow your child to feel more comfortable when playing on a team. At home, there can be more individual attention for your child, which can help when learning the basics of sports.

Don’t become a drill sergeant. Every parent wants their child to be the star of the show. With any luck, every kid will have their chance to shine. Don’t get into a habit of making your child feel like he or she has to do everything perfectly all the time. Give kudos for them trying and for putting in the effort. Shouting at the referees from the sidelines is generally not acceptable behavior.

Do form a fan club. Every team needs a fan club that is there for support no matter what. Before every game, make signs with your child’s name or number, the team mascot, or team colors. Get the whole family involved, and even encourage other moms to do the same!

Don’t be afraid of the stereotype. The “soccer mom” stereotype often makes it seem like we are ultra-competitive or hyper-involved bunch. This is not true at all. You can be a part of your child’s sports life and set your own boundaries for how into the action you’d like to be.

Be sure to bring along healthy snacks for the team to enjoy after a job well done. Snacks can be as easy as slicing up oranges or packing cheese and crackers. These small gestures are often the most exciting part of the experience for children! It’s always nice to have a treat to look forward to at the end.

Sports are a fantastic part of any child’s life. It teaches valuable lessons, such as teamwork and hustle, and is a perfect way to enjoy time outdoors rather than in front of the TV or stuck inside.

Always be respectful from the sidelines and take advantage of this time spent with your family. Soon you will see what it feels like to be the ultimate soccer mom. It’ll be hard to remember a life before sports.

I really think sports keep kids out of trouble and teaches them so many valuable lessons too. I hope I keep my own competitiveness out of the equation and my husband too. At the end of the day it’s all about the kids having fun and learning as they grow. I look forward to joining the soccer moms soon. I just know I will get all emotional when it all begins for us.

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  1. Very exciting times ahead. It will be interesting to see how being a “soccer mum” is like in England. I was part of a baseball family supporting my brother and father the coach for a session. Now that I have a little boy, I can’t wait to teach him sports. My daughter would probably love soccer too. Great advice.

    • Me too, I can’t wait. I hope it’s the same here as it is at home in school with sports and parents. I would be devastated if it isn’t. Oh yes my daughter loves it too.


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