DIY Garden Improvements For Every Garden

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:24 pm

With a lot of people having extra time on their hands and being at home more, DIY is high on the agenda. Most DIY is being done inside our homes, however there’s plenty of DIY projects you can attempt in the garden too. Here’s three DIY garden improvements to try.

DIY Garden Improvements For Every Garden:

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Decking and patios

Building your own entertainment or social space, might seem like a job purely for the professionals. But this is definitely something you can consider doing yourself. Learning how to lay a patio or decking area shouldn’t be too much for you if you’ve done some DIY before. It’s a good opportunity to design a unique area that works for you. With good planning and the right tools, this can be a fulfilling project.  And one you’ll see the benefit from, time and again.

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New Fencing

Thanks to our unpredictable weather, tree growth and the odd ‘accident’, many of our gardens are bordered by rotten or broken fence panels. Replacing them might not be top of your DIY list, but if your posts are still in place and looking sturdy, this could be a good garden project to have a go at. You’ll benefit from an extra pair of hands to do this, as panels are usually quite big. And you’ll need to make sure you buy the correct size panels to fit your existing posts, of course. But fencing is a big feature of your garden, so it will be hard not to admire your handy work once it’s done!

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Bird boxes and feeders

You might be looking at the previous DIY ideas and thinking that’s far too complicated for me. Or you may not have the time or tools to take them on. But DIY in the garden doesn’t have to be about the big projects, some small ones can be just as fulfilling. Making and putting up bird boxes can be very satisfying. And you can involve the kids too.

Now, you might be thinking, I can’t make a bird box! But, you can actually get simple kits that make it much easier. Some just involve decorating them, with no actual building involved. Then all you need to do is find a suitable, safe location to hang it.  Hanging a feeder and bird bath too, will help encourage the birds into your garden.


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