The Top UK Walking Holidays for 2021

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When looking at the stunning countryside the UK has to offer, it is no surprise that every year over 68% of adults choose UK walking holidays in the Summer rather than flying abroad.

Alongside eating out at a restaurant, walking is the most popular activity for people in the UK, with thousands and thousands of people travelling to the countryside every year to explore the scenic surroundings.

Walking is also a great form of exercise, with many adults in the UK stating how they choose to walk everyday for 10 minutes to get their steps in.

With this in mind, the UK’s number one slow holiday provider has put together a walking guide for the rambling enthusiasts. Inntravel has curated the best walking holidays in the UK in the hope to inspire the UK population to explore the glorious surroundings and routes on offer. 

From the Seascapes of North Norfolk to the Landscapes of the Peak District, this walking holiday guide has it all.

A walking guide to the 3 Top UK Walking Holidays for 2021

Seascape of North Norfolk

This walking holiday is a self-guided, hotel-to-hotel walking holiday, boasting beautiful scenery of the coastline, sandy beaches, and the pristine nature reserves. 

The nature reserves on this walking holiday are brimming with various wildlife, particularly birds.  From bitterns and marsh harriers, to wildfowl and waders, the Seascapes of North Norfolk are a great place to visit if you enjoy bird watching. Remember, pack your binoculars! 

Norfolk is a county full of history at every corner. On your walking holiday in Norfolk you will run in to beautiful medieval churches, royal estates and small harbours that contributed to England’s past trading efforts. So, if you like English history, Norfolk could be the place to visit. 

On the Norfolk walking routes you will find many delights, including quaint villages, peaceful woodland, and protected nature reserves. The popular walking routes in Norfolk are well sign-posted. So you can set off on your adventure knowing where you are at all times.

The accommodation on this UK walking holiday is full of warmth, character, and comfort. Staying in guesthouses, inns, and hotels, this Inntravel walking holiday will showcase how friendly the Norfolk county is. 

UK walking holidays
Image by topsy_toby98 from Pixabay

The Tweed and the Scottish Borders

This Inntravel walking holiday is a hotel-to-hotel walking holiday. It allows ramblers to explore the tranquil region, the historical ruins, and the stunning villages. 

The waters of the Tweed flow trough the Scottish borders. You can watch it travel through the valleys, the sheep-grazed pastures and the low, rolling hills. These surroundings are so beautiful its hard to believe that they were once home to war-torn battlegrounds. The turbulent history of England and Scotland and the battles that took place here are so interesting. The Tweed and the Scottish borders definitely showcases history. 

This UK walking holiday offers relaxed walking routes that are both long and winding. Following the natural course of the Tweed as it winds it way downstream through restful countryside.

Each town placed here offers hotels that are full of warm hospitality. It will be a joyful stay if you plan to visit the Tweed and the Scottish borders. Scotland has a lot to offer.

top UK walking holidays 2021

The Northumberland Coast and Its Castles

This Inntravel walking holiday is a self-guided walking holiday that features a mix of charming accommodation. 

Northumberland was once the powerhouse of England, with saints, kings and Viking raiders. It played central roles in shaping the future of the country. With Northumberland now at peace, it is a great place to visit. You can delve into history and explore the unspoiled historical ruins. 

This relaxed Inntravel walking holiday will begin in Warkworth, an ancient village located on the Northumberland Coast Path. From here you will travel to medieval Alnwick and the beachfront at Beadnell. On this walking holiday you will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings, spotting wonderful wildlife along the way. 

Each hand-picked accommodation on this walking holiday offers a warm welcome. It will make your walking trip to the Northumberland Coast a delightful one. 

If you’re a history buff, the three Inntravel walking holidays above would be the perfect UK getaway for you. For more information these walking holidays or for to view more UK walking holidays, please visit the Inntravel website.


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