9 Garden Features for You (And Future Buyers) to Love

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:18 pm

Your home is more than just what’s on the inside. The outside matters equally as much. If you feel you have neglected your garden over the years or it is simple and non-inspiring, it’s time for a change. Why not spend your time doing it up to make it totally unique and more usable? It will increase your time in your garden and also boost the value of your home. Here are nine garden features to make you fall in love with your home.

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9 Garden Features to Surely Fall in Love With:

Unique concrete

Your garden most likely has an area of concrete. Whether it’s a patio or an area where your shed is. An exposed aggregate path is a fun way to make your home look totally individual. The process involves laying concrete and then removing its outer layer to expose its decorative design, which is quite rustic and always unique.

A pond with a bridge

Any size garden can fit a pond. If you have enough space for a medium or large pond, you can make it fun and unique by adding a bridge. This will make your garden feel like a park and be fun for your children, as well as you. It will add dimension and character to your garden. Enhancing your garden’s overall look can be just what you need to finish it off. It can be a fairly inexpensive job that will add a lot of value to your garden.

A summer house

Perfect for hiding away and finding solitude from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – right in your back garden. You can buy summer houses ready-made or build your own. Using any wood you have lying around or pick them up from a local centre to do it yourself. Add fairy lights for a touch of magic, and to create an evening hideaway, perfect for summer parties.

A treehouse

Speaking out an outside-inside space, another ambitious project is a treehouse. This is a garden feature that will certainly take time and hard work. It will last a long time and provide summer after summer of family fun. Perfect for hosting dinner parties as well as encouraging young ones to play in the fresh air. And the perfect way to create a unique, personal touch on your family home.

Whether you’re looking to create a private sanctuary or a playful, social destination – we hope we are inspiring you. Hope you are feeling inspired to start your personal garden project and create your perfect garden space.

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Lights everywhere

Your garden should be your sanctuary, a place you go to relax and get fresh air. You do not have to restrict yourself to only being outside in the daytime. Adding lights means you can spend all day long in your garden. Add them above the main seating area as well as around the garden for more light and ambience.

Add some decking

A larger project, but one that undoubtedly offers a huge return. Looking for the perfect way to break up the garden and provide a spot for eating and socializing, install a garden deck. It is a garden project that can completely transform your garden and create an extension of the home. You can add a roof or leave the open top. Perhaps you want to merge it into your garden seamlessly with plants that grow and twist around the wooden structures. Add some inviting garden furniture and some outdoor lighting. For a haven that can bridge the gap perfectly between outdoor and indoor living.

Install a garden kitchen

Most people’s version of a kitchen garden is a rusting BBQ sat on the patio. But creating a garden kitchen is an incredible feature, when you want to have friends and family. With an outdoor kitchen, you never have to leave the garden. You can laugh and enjoy each other’s company while hosting and preparing the food.

You can sink a BBQ grill within a solid slab of stone. This will require some pretty serious tools and expertise. Luckily, there are simpler ways to do it. A work surface can be constructed with breeze blocks around the outside and a work surface made from exterior ply or another waterproof material such as a plastic worktop or even treated wood. This can be a much easier way to use materials for you to cut into to make your inset BBQ. You can have a great area for food preparation and cooking in no time.

You could even put a sink in as well with your kitchen garden features! If you visit your local camping or caravan shop you can get a sink that drains and pumps to allow you to wash your hands and utensils while you’re cooking.

Fun seats

Your seating does not have to be standard or boring. For some fun and character, swing seats work really well in a garden. Both in terms of style and as a really relaxing way to spend time in your garden. The rocking motion is so soothing and can take you right back to your childhood. Individual seats with the framework included look amazing. However, for a cheaper option, you can always go for a classic hammock. They can be positioned, not just on the patio, but also tucked into the borders which give a great effect. Seating is great for garden parties and entertainment too.

Take advantage of levels

Is your garden on different levels? If you don’t like the idea of incorporating stone steps, you can achieve a seamless look with your existing lawn. For example, enabling the flow from one space to the next. You can use grass treads by integrating them into the existing lawn to connect the lower patio to the small sun terrace above.

What garden features would you add to your garden to make it a new haven to retreat to?


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