Decorating a Christmas Fireplace Mantel

Last updated on October 21st, 2020 at 02:33 pm

A fireplace mantle decorated for Christmas with candles, a black garland and silver and rose gold accent baubles

Decorating for Christmas is my favorite thing to do with interiors. I am known for changing rooms around, redecorating, and even room swopping a lot in my house. I love change and I love playing with various trends. Our front room has recently changed completely having been swopped with our back room it’s now the grey rose gold room. So when it came time for me to decide what how I was decorating my Christmas Fireplace Mantel to coordinate I had a few choices to make. 

Was I going to go for a pastel Christmas theme? Or stick with traditional Chrstimas colors that don’t match at all but scream, “it’s Christmas”? While that sounds lovely as there is nothing more inviting than green and red sparkle during the holiday season, I wanted it more modern and coordinating with my room decor. 

Decorating a Christmas Fireplace A fireplace decorated for Christmas with silver and rose gold accents for a modern look

Modern Christmas Decor With Mixed Metallics On A Fireplace

I have teamed up with Next this year, to inspire you with some modern ideas on decorating a Christmas Fireplace Mantel to match your decor. As you can see I have a mixture of white furniture and silver. I love mixing metallics so all my accents are either silver or rose gold to bring them together. They really do coordinate together nicely.  I kept this in mind when choosing my Christmas decorations. 

Light Up North Pole House

You have this gorgeous light up North Pole light up house. It brings the frost theme from the garland behind it, adds a holiday glow, and a ho ho ho. I love getting a variety of sizes and shapes on my fireplace mantel to keep the dynamics different across it. So I choose a taller reindeer candle and a shorter snow globe to pair with this beauty, side by side.  

A white house ornament lit up

Mix Heights On The Mantle

A little tip for you, try not making everything the same height. It runs together and you have no focal points on your fireplace mantel. Also, use different Christmas garlands together or one on top, one on bottom that are different like I have done here. 

A top down view of Christmas decorations on a mantlepiece
A Christmas snow globe surrounded by rose gold Christmas baubles

Mixing Silver And Rose Gold Decorations

Since most of the house light, snow globe, candle, garland, and Christmas tree is silver, I needed to bring in the rose gold. In comes my rose gold bauble variety pack and rose gold candle. I love a variety pack of baubles because you get assortment of sizes and color shades. This works perfect here so I could put the larger ones in a trifle bowl to showcase on one side while spreading the mini baubles in between the other decorations to really give it a rose gold pop of color throughout.

A fireplace decorated for Christmas
A candle with reindeer on the glass and a reindeer head on the lid

Use What You Already Have

Sometimes you have to think outside the box with Christmas decorations as much as what can you use around the house to add a bit of cheer. Like this gorgeous trifle bowl below makes an excellent serving dish but it also looks awesome full of baubles on the fireplace wouldn’t you agree? Maybe you have large vases you could fill with your color choice of baubles on your living room window or last year I had it on the dining room table. Glass vases, bowls and serving dishes are excellent for this. 

Reindeers Give A Classic Look But Can Be Modern Too

I love this wire reindeer with frosted antlers. It keeps the monochrome feel of the actual fireplace and the silver and glass side tables in the room too. Just adds that subtle Christmas decoration but looks like it coordinates with the room too.

A bowl full of baubles and a silver wire reindeer
The edge of a fireplace mantle with the start of a black Christmas garland
Decorating a Christmas Fireplace Mantel with Next

Above is a Christmas cardboard garland. It does have an exclamation on another star at the end but I wanted it to hang a bit higher without it. It’s sturdy and will last and adds that cute little saying across the black part of the fireplace which I thought looked great with the white chalk-like outline letters.  We don’t hang our stockings here because it’s dangerous for the kids pulling them off the hangers so we moved those to a shelf in the new playroom. 

So how does it look lit up….

A mantlepiece lit up with fairy lights and decorated for Chirstmas
A fireplace with Christmas decorations lit up on it
A fireplace with Christmas decorations lit up on it
Decorating A Christmas Fireplace

Photos really don’t do it justice and I shouldn’t be saying that because that’s what I do for a living, provide photos that inspire you. But at night when it’s dark outside and all the lights are off I turn on the garland lights, the little house and light the candle and the atmosphere is transformed into a holiday fireplace mantel to lust over. It makes the room instantly cozy and warm. I am so excited now for Christmas this year. I have to say this fireplace mantel will be staying like this from now until the new year. It’s never too early to start decorating and spreading the holiday cheer. 

Next Official have so many gorgeous Christmas decorations. You can go as modern or as traditional as you want, they have something for everyone for the holiday season. Think outside the box of just your tree and fireplace. Maybe you want to spread the holiday cheer to the kid’s bedrooms this year or the guest bathroom needs a little sparkle. You can decorate any part of your house with a little Christmas spirit. You don’t need much to make a room fill like Christmas. 

Happy Holidays Everyone! 


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  1. I absolutely adore your decor. I am sucker for any kinda of decor but Christmas I am really bad. I can’t pass any shops without buying an additional item. My mum was the same. She loved her decor.
    Your mantel piece is gorgeous. I am going to start on mine the end of November.


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