Christmas “Winter” Tablescape

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Winter Christmas Tablescape with Laura Ashley

It’s another tablescape! Yes, I know, we only had one for Thanksgiving but that’s the beauty of so many holidays pressed together because it gives me the chance to style the table again. I love having my table more cozy and welcoming in the winter than just a vase with flowers in the middle like I do in summer time. Last year, we still had our round table and our Christmas Tablescape was a snowy one. You can even see how I recycled a few table accessories from last year’s style but made them look completely different here. 

I really wanted to create a center that tied in with our Christmas tree in the corner. It’s all white with glass baubles and pine cones on it this year. I started off with a smaller but more glamorous table runner in the middle of the table to work around. And I found this gorgeous garland at Waitrose. I had been looking everywhere for garland that didn’t have red in it as I wanted to stick to a silver/grey, white, and green nature theme. This one with white berries jumped out at me and I was so excited to see how it would pull all my table accessories together. I twisted these Clear Beaded Lit Garland around the green garland so that at night it would light up the center of the table along with some beautiful candles. Next, I had purchased this grey candle lantern below from Tesco for my living room but it looked so good nestled in the greenery too. My reindeers were from last year’s table setting but I do love them so much so they are featuring again for another year. Winter Christmas Tablescape with Laura Ashley

With tablescapes there is no right or wrong answer. As I say in my How to Decorate a Christmas Winter Tablescape video below, it depends on what you envision for your table. I normally do Easter and Thanksgiving very simple but Christmas I like to go all out. That means fancy glassware gets used like these gorgeous Silver Rim Optic Flutes and Silver Rim Optic Tumbler glasses. I think glassware makes it feel so special because Christmas is such a huge celebration, why not pull the good tableware out. 

Winter Christmas Tablescape with Laura AshleyWinter Christmas Tablescape with Laura Ashley

The fun, accessory additions like large, Glitter Tree and Pine Cone Candles throughout the center give it that magical festive feel. I normally don’t light my “pretty” candles but keep them for decorations. So you will always fine some plain white candles on the table dotted about that will get lit and used. 

In the very center, I placed this gorgeous glass cake stand that I bought years ago from Laura Ashley because you don’t have to put the tallest item in the middle as most people tend to do. I like a variety of heights and sizes of vases and plates or bowls along the center of the table. You can see I filled the glass cake stand with as many big and small mince pies as I could. What’s Christmas without treats in the house, ready to eat? 

So on either side of my lovely display of mince pies I placed a taller Glass Hurricane filled with pine cones and a candle. For the other side, my lovely grey lantern as I mentioned from above. With a variety of different heights it allows the eyes of your guest, your family or you to follow the tablescape all the way from start to finish. Winter Christmas Tablescape with Laura AshleyWinter Christmas Tablescape with Laura AshleyWinter Christmas Tablescape with Laura Ashley

Winter Christmas Tablescape with Laura AshleyWinter Christmas Tablescape with Laura Ashley

I used to always have decor on the back of my chairs when I set the table. I thought this stunning mini Christmas Bell Wreath looked perfect on the back of our dining room chair as the grey bow matches the grey bows to my seat cushions. I have it on the side chair above so you could clearly see it in the light but since I only had one, I put it on the chair at the head of the table. It’s lovely hanging off the back when you walk in the dining room from the hall, like it’s greeting you to come in.

I am all about themes when I style a table. I try to keep every detail to that theme. I knew I was using these reindeer from last year so I put these antler candle holders on either side of the center. The long candle sticks poking up really draw your eyes in. Of course, I got a pack of sparkling silver candle sticks from Tesco to put in them. The more sparkle, the better.

Winter Christmas Tablescape with Laura AshleyWinter Christmas Tablescape with Laura Ashley

What do you put on your table during the holiday season? Do you decorate it for Christmas dinner or the whole month long like me? I would love to know. If you want some more tips or get inspired, watch my how to video below. Or pin this pic here, to refer to this post when you are sitting down to style your own tablescape for Christmas. Winter Christmas Tablescape with Laura Ashley

*We were sent the Laura Ashley items for the purpose of this table setting but all styles, photos, and opinions are my own and the remaining items I have purchased or had in my home already to finish this table setting. 

10 thoughts on “Christmas “Winter” Tablescape”

  1. It looks beautiful Jenny! Like something out of a magazine. Wish my Christmas tables looked like that, but there’s usually way too much food in the middle of them for them to look pretty. Luckily it’s one less thing for me to worry about this year thanks to going home for Christmas – can’t wait now! x

    • I also put all the food on the kitchen island as a buffet style everyone loads their plates up and than heads to the table that way it can feel twinkly, magic and fun too. Glad you like it. It’s been up for a week on the table and I love every meal and just sitting there in the morning.

    • I went all out instead of just simple and subtle touches. Also I got rid of my oval table they are a nightmare to do table settings on. hahahah Rectangle is better to plan with. It’s still on my table all month long I love it.

  2. Jenny this is so gorgeous! I really enjoyed watching your video and seeing how you put all the pieces together. I think I need a bigger table before I can start experimenting with tablescapes though. I always lust after the table set ups when we visit National Trust properties!


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