How to create an inviting home at Christmas

Last updated on October 3rd, 2023 at 01:19 pm

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What is your idea of a luxurious Christmas at home? Is it decorating your house, top to bottom with tinsel and twinkling lights? Or perhaps baking goodies all month long for your closest friends and family? There is so much to love about Christmas and there are so many ways to enjoy it fully, isn’t there?

Inviting Home At Christmas

My ideal luxurious Christmas at home, of course, would include everyone I love so dearly but it goes way beyond that for me. It’s the one magical time of the year that I like to splash out and make every inch of our home looking it’s best. It’s like dressing for a winter ball, I like to dress my home for Christmas just the same. Nothing goes without a glittering touch and thoughtful planning.

Luxury Christmas Decor

Part of feeling merry and bright is what we surround ourselves with during the holiday season. I love starting with our dining room with a Christmas Tablescapethat makes you feel like it’s Christmas dinner every night of the week. From frosted windows, flickering candles, and sparkling dinnerware to our kitchen island full of Santa and his reindeer riding across the breakfast bar, it feels delightful.  I love playing Christmas music in the house as soon as clock strikes midnight December first. Our home during the holidays has the most magical feeling I can ever want for our family. It’s the time of the year where I don’t want to venture out as much as I do in the summer time. I want to stay wrapped up in from of the fire, listening to jingle bells, sip mint hot chocolate, with the kids playing in front of the sparkling Christmas tree.
I love people feeling welcomed and comfortable in my home all year long but during Christmas I like to go that extra mile to make them feel really special.

A Luxurious Bathroom Makes A Big Difference

While I don’t go as far as changing my bedding into reindeer or the curtains in holiday snowmen, I do also like to buy luxury treats for the house. No, I don’t mean finer chocolate because that should be a given, but actual household items that really make you feel spoiled. I like to feel spoiled as much as the next person.

Buying luxury items like finer soap from boutiques that spoils the hands of the family and guests visiting. Let’s not forget pampering our bottoms with the gorgeous, logo printed, Andrex classic clean toilet roll where your guest can not only recognize the brand they are being spoiled with but they can feel the luxury design in itself. Some might wonder why I go to so much trouble in a bathroom for the holidays but isn’t that the most visited room in the house by your guests and family members? Makes sense now that I put it that way doesn’t it? The key to creating an inviting home at Christmas is to truly think of everything

Treat Yourself

What’s Christmas without feeling spoiled in our every day life during this special time of year? Treating ourselves and our homes to the luxury items to feel extra special is all part of the holiday spirit. I can’t remember a Christmas where I sat in the house and didn’t feel the magic and coziness from all the little extra detail and thought I put into our home during the holidays. 

What’s your ideal luxury item for Christmas? Do you buy that luxury candles to light at dinner time? Or how about that bottle of bailey’s for the cupboard and guests visiting? Perhaps you spruce up your bathrooms like I do with luxury items like Andrex toilet roll and some luxury hand soap and lotion too. Whatever it is you do to prepare for the holidays and spoil visitors, I hope you have a very merry holiday ahead.

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