Using Bunk Beds to Create more Space

Last updated on March 31st, 2024 at 10:55 am

Little MM’s room is one of those rooms in the house that everyone just hangs out in. It’s south facing so it’s always the warmest and coziest room in the house. Not sure why we don’t all end up in one of the other bedrooms in the house but this is where we read our family storytime at night before bed too. All three kids tend to play more together in MM’s bedroom than the boys’ rooms. I always say it’s because that vibrant wall I painted all those years ago when she was born is – well, inviting!

So her bed used to be in the center of her bedroom which took up a lot of space. Whilst it’s pleasing to the eye to have a bed centered and her things around it, feng shui style, it really didn’t leave her any play room.

Bunk beds are an amazing space savor. We are testing out the Jubilee Bunk Beds from Room to Grow in white to free up MM’s bedroom space for a play area. At first I was slightly nervous putting bunk beds together myself but actually these had super easy instructions. I am impressed with how sturdy and solid the headboard and footboards are on these bunks beds too. I have seen others that can be flimsy and not feel secure. These I would happily sleep on the top bunk bed myself.

I love that these bunk beds have the ability to be two twin beds, side by side too, if we want. We have family come over from America, it’s great we can have my eldest bunk in with his sister and let my mom have his room up in the loft. The kids were overly excited that on weekends they could have sleepovers too.

The mattresses are so comfortable which I think is important for a kids as it is an adult. We spend so much time sleeping in them. A lot of the time kids’ mattresses can be springy and horrible. Having slept on the bottom bunk one night due to a little princess having a nightmare, my husband can vouch just how super comfy they really are.

It really has opened up her room and changed the look completely. We have updated her vanity table and her wardrobes to full length mirrors now. She needs more room for all those dress up clothes she loves so much as well as her normal clothes.

Now she has room for her keyboard as she started playing the piano recently too. We are forever curling up on the new carpet, under her twinkling net to read our family storybooks at night.

If possible since we used the bunk beds to free up space in her room, we are in there even more. It seems to be the “get ready for school” room for all the kids in the morning too.

Her view from her top bunk is like a fairytale to her. MM is thrilled with her new bunk beds. She feels like a queen up on her throne, sleeping on the top bunk. The side panels are perfect for keeping her from falling out of bed too. It’s almost like having a mini little space all to herself up there.

She says she now has a bed for all her stuffed animals to sleep comfortably too. Each night she fills the entire bed underneath her, full of her stuffed animals. This toy box at the bottom doesn’t even have toys in it. Just packed full of stuffed animals from various trips and places we have visit. She collects them like we would postcards or shot glasses from traveling cities.

This is her new reading corner that has quickly become the family story time spot. The new carpets make for a plush cushion under the twinkly net lights. The bunk beds that freed up all the space in the middle of her room now allows us to all cozy up together, right here and read.

Half of her gallery wall had to come down for her bunk beds to be against the wall. They needed up dated any as you can spot the maternity snap still but together we hung her multi-colored flags above the top bunk and she loved it.

It’s her new space. A revamped room for more space to play. A great makeover to give us a spare bed if we need her brother to bunk with her, a friend stay over, and open up her room more. There are still things in progress like a fresh lick of paint and possibly new curtains in time. I have a little DIY project set out for her dressing table seat to be fur and match her fuchsia wall too. For now, MM loves her bright, vibrant room. She likes colors to burst around her just like her personality. This room definitely suits her and that personality of hers.


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