A glimpse into our American summer life

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:03 pm

We had a different kind of summer vacation in America this year. We said goodbye to our family home and our mountain life and traded it for a more urban one in town. The kids are older now and we are much closer to big kids activities too.

Whilst it was sad to say goodbye to a place that held so many memories, we are embracing our new summer home and new town life for the summers ahead.

We wanted to document our summer and share it with you. At a time where the kids probably won’t even remember our mountain river life, I wanted something to look back on for them. Something to show, yes, you were there!

I also wanted to give you all a glimpse into our American summer life. It’s quite different to the UK life we lead the rest of the year. We get up to so many adventures outdoors, it’s amazing. It really is experiencing mother nature to it’s finest, cliche as that sounds.

I hope my kids always love spending their summers in America. I hope they always love traveling and seeing the world with us. Experiencing new cultures and new countries along the way too.

Since the older two are getting to that age where they can do more big adventures, we have a whole new itinerary planned for next summer at my mom’s new house. Someday I hope we will have a house of our own on the lake where they family reunites every summer. It’s a small place in the world that holds my heart forever.

Would love you to check it out, pop over and see for yourself… Don’t forget to leave and comment, thumbs up and subscribe so you don’t miss our next family vlog. Thanks for watching!

A glimpse into our American summer life below…


2 thoughts on “A glimpse into our American summer life”

  1. You make it look so easy to travel with your kidos. But your mom told me you are a very firm mum. I know that helps. You are great at what you do family, your work.
    You are a great example for families. Have a wonderful day.
    Sandy D


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