My Family of Five October

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:05 pm

Where did October go? Somehow, our family of five got sidetracked and it was Halloween. We thought we were all prepared in early September when school started with our matching Halloween costumes. We had planned to do a family photoshoot with them, never happened. We planned on a pumpkin carving party, again that didn’t happen. Somewhere mid October, work and our schedules got away with us. Our plans went out the window. Does that ever happen to you?

Roll on Halloween night, we were rushing around trying to put on those matching costumes for a quick trick or treating photo, where baby boy was scared and screaming wondering why on earth his family of five was now scary masked, skeletons. Daddy wasn’t impressed with asking for a photo with a screaming baby either. Our trick or treating with friends was rushed for fear of rain, a baby that really wanted his bed instead. But to the older two, it was the best. Chowing down that candy as fast as they could knowing Mommy would be magically making it disappear the next day. Or that night if she got her own hands on it.

October was a busy month for us finishing off the last bit of the loft conversion and now it’s time to decorate. My favorite part of renovations and B is eagerly waiting his furniture delivery. The kids now have a space to play in that we can’t hear them making all the loud noise either so it’s been music to our ears lately when they have playdates and they play in the “tower” as its now called.

Despite most of October being really bad weather, we got our family photos done by a lovely lady Emily from Right Brain Photography. She does more than just photography too. She does logos and all sorts of other creative designs. These are some gorgeous ones she took of us at St Ann’s Leyland beach.

There is a back story here, for her to get ANY photos that day means she really is talented. We had a storm blasting us all morning, and literally gave us a 30/40  min break from pouring rain to take these. The baby was really not well, running nose and didn’t want to take photos as per usual. He is the clingy one, the one that won’t let strangers near me or a camera unless it’s mine take a photo of him. It was dinner time as we wanted that evening sunny glow but means it’s close to ‘witching hour of grumpiness” with the kids. If your parent you know what this is.

Sad thing is when I have my camera out baby poses and loves it. I wish I could get the same with me in them with him. The older two usually get bored and I am one not to like posing photos either. I want it to be like someone just followed us around at the beach for a family of five day out. That’s exactly what she did and more. When we got these back, we were blow away with how many we wanted for the wall. She worked so well with the kids too.

So do check her out, if you live in the Northwest of England, book her. She is amazing. If you need more logo and branding creations she also rocks that area of creativity too. Her talents are endless. That’s why she is called Right Brain Thinking. I wish I had half the creative skills she has in that right brain of hers.


his recent golf trip to america

playing soccer with the baby now (and golf)

booking xmas in the snow


xmas at my parents’ this year

her loft conversion finished

finally setting some work hours in stone and making days for just baby time


his neighbor friends knocking on the door now to play (finally at that age)

his new bedroom in the “tower”

xmas in America this year (he wants to move to America)


her cousin over for a playdate this month

xmas in the snow with gramma soon

having her own bedroom back and getting a revamp on it too (stay tune for bedroom makeover)


playing soccer with his new soccer nets in the yard/garden

making some nursery friends

playing with his siblings (all the time) when they get in from school

Goodbye October, hello November. I am embracing this month with less to do, less stress and anxiety and looking for a calm Christmas ahead. It’s one of my fave holidays not just because it’s my birthday on boxing day too. I am overly excited to see my mom for Christmas and watch my kids play in five feet of snow for the first time ever. America here we come!


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  1. Wow Jenny, these pics are gorgeous and I love the matching outfits between you and Missy Moo. Gorgeous autumnal colours. You’re right that it isn’t often you find someone to take natural family shots. The second one of all of you is my favourite. xx


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