Exploring Idaho: A Good Place to Raise a Family?

Last updated on June 7th, 2024 at 10:50 am

Imagine sprawling mountains scraping the sky, crystal-clear lakes reflecting the sun, and endless rolling fields visible from your backyard. Add in vibrant city life and fun festivities throughout the year. This idyllic picture is Idaho, a state consistently ranked high for its livability.

Beyond its breathtaking scenery, Idaho boasts a strong sense of community, a friendly atmosphere, and a focus on family values. This focus on family extends to the availability of affordable housing options. Idaho real estate is an attractive prospect for families seeking a place to put down roots.

These qualities are reflected in the abundance of parks, recreational opportunities, and a slower pace of life. Families are able to connect and grow together. Though family is key here, that’s not the only reason to plant your roots in Idaho.

Why is the Gem State the best place to raise your family? Follow along as we uncover the various reasons why Idaho should be your new home.

Setting Your Child Up for Success

Idaho offers a variety of choices for your child’s education. Public schools are widely available, and many districts receive high marks. These schools provide a well-rounded curriculum, including all essential subjects.

Looking for a more specialized learning environment? Idaho has charter schools that cater to different teaching styles or specific interests. Even if you prefer a smaller class size or a faith-based education, you’ll find those, too.

No matter your child’s needs, Idaho’s education system strives to provide the perfect fit. The colleges and universities offer excellent opportunities for higher education. No matter what career they are aiming for, your child will be prepared for a successful future.

Keeping Your Family Feeling Secure

In Idaho, you can relax knowing your family is safe. Your kids can go outside and play with friends, laughing and running around. This state ranks very high in safety compared to others in the USA. There’s not as much crime happening, which means fewer worries for parents.

But safety goes beyond crime rates. Idaho has a strong sense of community. People know and look out for each other, creating a friendly atmosphere. This close-knit feeling lets your children explore their surroundings with confidence.

Whether they’re riding bikes in the neighborhood or playing at the park, you can be at ease knowing they’re in a safe environment.

Adventures Await in Idaho’s Playground

Does your family love spending time outdoors? Then Idaho is like a giant playground waiting to be explored! For winter lovers, there’s amazing skiing on slopes like Sun Valley. In the warmer months, you can hike through beautiful wilderness areas, breathing in fresh air and soaking up stunning scenery.

But Idaho’s fun isn’t limited to land. Lakes and rivers are everywhere, perfect for fishing trips where you can catch your dinner. If you love adventure, try kayaking or rafting a variety of exciting rapids. No matter what you choose, Idaho’s outdoor activities create memories that last a lifetime.

Spending time in nature isn’t only for fun, it’s healthy too! These activities help kids learn to love the environment and develop a healthy lifestyle. Idaho also throws amazing festivals throughout the year, celebrating with music, food, and games.

Making Ends Meet: Keeping Costs Down in Idaho

For families, a big concern is stretching their budget to cover everything they need. The good news? In Idaho, the cost of living is lower than most of the United States. That means everyday expenses like houses, groceries, and electricity cost less.

Finding a house is a big deal, and in Idaho, houses are cheaper than the average in the country. It’s easier to find affordable options whether you’re looking for a cozy first home for your family or a bigger place as you grow.

With more money left over, you can focus on the fun stuff! Explore Idaho’s beautiful scenery, try new hobbies together, or save for your child’s future education. If you’re looking for a place where your family can live without feeling the financial squeeze, this affordability might be the perfect fit.

Idaho’s Booming Economy

Do you wonder what kind of job opportunities Idaho offers? The good news is that Idaho’s economy is growing. This growth means more businesses are opening up, which creates more jobs for people to choose from.

In a recent study, Idaho is noted as one of the fastest population growth states in percentage terms between 2000 and 2023! Many of these jobs are in areas like technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. If you’re looking for a place with a strong economy and a good chance of finding a good job, Idaho might be a great fit for your family.

Culture: A Land Rich in History

Idaho isn’t only mountains and lakes; it’s also a place packed with history. Native American tribes like the Nez Perce and Shoshone have lived here for thousands of years, leaving behind traditions and stories that are still celebrated today. Early settlers brought their own customs, too, adding to Idaho’s unique mix.

This rich history is a big plus for families. Explore ancient rock paintings with the kids and watch the awe on their faces. Or visit one of the many museums that tell the story of Idaho’s past.

These experiences spark curiosity and teach children about different cultures. Many towns also hold festivals throughout the year, where you can enjoy traditional music, food, and crafts. These celebrations bring families together and create lasting memories.

Living in a place steeped in history means your kids can grow up learning not only from textbooks but from the land itself. Idaho offers a chance to explore the past, understand the present, and build a brighter future — together as a family.

Is Idaho Perfect for Families?

You’ve explored some of the many reasons why Idaho could be the ideal spot for your family. With breathtaking scenery, a strong sense of community, excellent schools, a booming economy, and a lower cost of living — Idaho offers a unique blend of opportunity and charm.

Does Idaho feel like it’s calling to you? Raising your children in a safe environment surrounded by natural beauty could become your reality. Weekends spent exploring mountains, fishing in pristine lakes, or attending lively festivals are all waiting.

Are you ready to build a life rich in experiences and affordability? Start exploring your options in Idaho today! Research communities, and if possible, visit to see if the Gem State feels like home. Idaho could be the perfect place for your family to grow and thrive.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Idaho: A Good Place to Raise a Family?”

  1. No, Idaho is literally full. Stop encouraging people to move here. Is Idaho good for families. When I was a kid it was. It is no longer. With such a fast influx of people rushing Idaho, I daho is no longer safe for kids. I actually live in Idaho and can attest to how fast it has changed. There are sketchy adults all over the place. I can no longer let my kids out to roam with their friends. This is a hot topic in Idaho. Everyone knows it is not ok to let kids out anymore. It is very sad. Seriously real Idahoan’s are grieving over their state being taken over, and how much it has changed for the worse. Do not come here, and do not encourage others to come here.

    • I’ve been living in Idaho over two decades, I raised my kids here. What it says is True. Idaho in contrast to other states is much safer. However I agree with you it’s foolish to let them play without supervision or roam about. People from other states who moved here have their way of life which then is infiltrated here.
      There is definitely crime in Idaho but still less compared to other states.
      I don’t like Idaho for very different reasons. I would like to leave. But not an option at moment.
      There are many places in Idaho to live. People are seeking refuge from the awful states they come. It’s not true to say Idaho is full. But I understand why you said it.
      I have discouraged people from coming to Idaho but for other reasons.


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