Family Stocking Fillers + Double Giveaway

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We are in full swing of Christmas time and the festive season is finally here. Days in it, cards are starting to show up in the mail, the carols are being played in all the shops (for some weeks now) and it’s time to think about presents. Most importantly, the tiny stocking fillers. 

Opening my stockings on Christmas morning was one of my favorite things to do on Christmas day. It had to be before breakfast and in my pjs, under a cozy blanket on the couch. I have so many fond memories and favorite toys that came from my stocking stuffers. As the kids get older, I like to think outside the box too. They still get a few sweets, mini toys and games and perhaps some socks and toothbrushes that are needed but so fun too.

So I thought not only am I going to share with you our family stocking fillers this year, but I am going to give away to one lucky reader/follower another complete set of family stocking fillers too. Obviously all items can be for male or female, of course some are adult items and some are kids items. I have classified these items into boy or girl only because that’s whom I am giving the stocking filler to not because it’s gender specific. 


These are for the men…the hardest ones of all to buy stocking fillers for, I think. Men don’t want little trinkets and miniature things unless they can eat and drink them out of their stockings. I like to give a few joke presents and then a few presents Daddy needs like socks, underwear, roll up tshirt, toothbrush, and possibly shaving foam. 

This year, the hubster is getting some Sudoku toilet paper. We all know how long men take in the bathroom mind as well help him to further his education. Mr P struggles to use our wine bottle opener so hopefully this new one will be easier for him, it looks fool proof. There is nothing wrong with a manicure set for men, loving this Modern Man gift for his stocking too. 

Along with bathroom talk, I am so excited about this Oral B Genius 9000. I know it sounds like one of those water guns you wanted as a kid…sadly I am just as excited about this as I was about that back then. We have had our current Oral B electric tooth brushes forever and we desperate for new ones for all of us. This black matte Oral B really is the business. My husband is always traveling and buys regular toothbrush to travel with and hates it. Now, he will have this awesome new travel case to carry his electric tooth and a few extra heads too with him where ever he goes. I love that they have create a variety of toothbrush heads depending on what you need, sensitive, 3D whitening, Flossing action, you name it. Even more impressive, like all things these days, is you can download an app to help you determine how well you are brushing. Not just for kids, toothbrushing is getting serious and app ready. Can’t wait to see what he says about this stocking filler. He loves a present that is useful, needed and awesome. I think this will be a winner!

On top of these items, I will be filling his stocking with some old fashion candy and mini bottles of baileys to celebrate. It’s sort of becoming a tradition to get him mini baileys and they always come with bailey’s mini chocolate too for his stocking. My family always put a lottery ticket in all our stockings each year so I do that now as well. Men can be tricky to buy for so I like to think outside the box.

Family stocking stuffer ideas and double giveaway these are for daddy's stocking stuffers


Now anyone that says it’s hard to buy for Moms, Grandmas, Aunties, Sisters, Daughters – all the ladies of the world has issues. We are the easiest members of the family to buy for. I could name a thousand little things that I would need, use, want and love that are small and thoughtful for stocking fillers. I would say hint, hint but good thing Mr P doesn’t read my blog or he will know all his presents. You can think of things like stationary, books, coffee gift cards, jewellery, makeup, wallet, watch, knickknacks, mugs, candy, – need I go on. It’s endless. But I came up with a few things that are outside the usual box of stockings fillers but equal to love. 

I am huge into bullet journals and stationary and have a passion for a new pen or two each year. So these gorgeous vintage ball point pens I have had my eye on for a while. For all those baking lovers like myself or instagram flay lay snappers too, these gorgeous ceramic measuring cups are drool worthy. They have a gorgeous detail on the outside with a beautiful shape. Perfect for my new dining cabinet display I think. Now, it might seem random but I am always measuring things whether it’s for curtains, a new piece of furniture to hang a poster or rehang a photo or the kids. I feel like I am always asking where is the tape measure…well, now I don’t have to with this cute floral one. So small it can stay in my handbag because it’s definitely needed on trips to the garden center or homebase these days too. It has a button that zips it all back into a roll rather than my other one that is crunched up in a drawer somewhere, hiding. 

Of course, I wasn’t going to upgrade Mr P’s toothbrush without scoring one for myself. Mine is way better than his…this Rose Gold Genius 9000 is jewellery box worthy. I swear it’s so pretty I almost don’t want to use it. It comes with a white travel case to store the numerous toothbrush heads that come with it. Because it has an app that can help you monitor your toothbrushing skills, it comes with a iphone holder that you can suction to the mirror while you brush and the app does the work for you. How advanced is that? What will Oral B think of next?

Family stocking stuffer ideas and double giveaway these are for mommy's stocking stuffers


Kids are easier to think of stocking fillers to buy between toys, games, candy, and necessities of socks, toothbrushes, slippers, you are spoiled for choices. I have never been gender specific as I have always let the kids pick what they like and prefer when it comes to colors of toys. My two generally really like pink stuff for my daughter and blue stuff for my son. So while I have categorized these items in gender it’s only for my own kids’ preferences this is what they would like. I have to put that out there for those that would go crazy if I said the Frozen or Star Wards toothbrushes below are only for a certain gender – no way! 

Back to stocking fillers and girly floral hair clips for my daughter. Her hair is coming in quick and wild in all directions so I am in need of some pretty clips and hair accessories for her this year. She is constantly loosing them. I love getting them a wood toy or wood game to play like this Jacob’s ladder. I think so much more fun comes from old fashion toys and games than the new ones sometimes. My own mother taught me how to sew and I really want to keep that going with my daughter even if I am not very good at it. I thought we could attempt to Sew Your Own Molly Doll together as she loves dolls. We could make some great memories out of her stocking fillers this year. 

We have a theme going here for our family stockings… we clearly all needed to take better care of our teeth. hahaha I think it’s good to get presents for Christmas that you need as much as those things you want. This will be MM’s very first electric toothbrush. I know she will be excited and feel like a big girl when she opens it. I think that’s the beauty of these milestones as they get older and start to use things that older kids use. She is always asking Daddy why her toothbrush don’t make noise like his. Now, she will have an Oral B Frozen one and it comes with tasty flavored Frozen toothpaste to match. That’s a bigger bonus than you realize. 

Family stocking stuffer ideas and double giveaway these are for little girl's stocking stuffers


Buying little stocking fillers for boys isn’t necessarily as hard for men. I am really excited about these unique presents I picked out for B this year. While there is an absolute craze for Hatchimals this year, I wasn’t going to die trying to find one in stock nor buy two for my two kiddos at a crazy amount. I thought B would love this Super Hatching Dinosaur Egg just as much as a Hatchimal for sure. He loves little things like this and my son has always appreciated the smallest things given to him or done for him. I am so proud of him. He is a comedian at heart and loves to play games so I picked out these animal cards for him to learn a few of Daddy’s card tricks on and to play a few family card games with. Each year, I buy him a new transport glasses case for his glasses and with trucks & cars on it, it’s going to be his favorite one ever. I just know it. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it. 

In true family fairness, you can guess what B will be getting with the rest of us. This Oral B Star Wars electric toothbrush with Star Wars tasty toothpaste. I like to open the box and wrap them separate so he feels like he is getting more surprises in his stocking. I think because he is a almost two years older than his sister he will really like the Disney app that goes with it. And I will appreciate him brushing his teeth longer than 2 seconds. Win-win. Anything to keep those teeth pearly white and healthy. 

With these small gifts I will probably add some Christmas slippers in their stockings and a tiny bit of sweets. We always got oranges in the bottom of my stocking, not sure why but for some reason I catch myself wanting to do it too. I might add a new stuffed animal too. 

Family stocking stuffer ideas and double giveaway these are for little boy's stocking stuffers

Opening your stockings come Christmas morning, you want it to be surprising, exciting, useful, and fun. I don’t like to get the same things every year so that everyone knows what each thing is before they unwrap it. What’s the fun in that?

What do you put in your stockings? Do you have a Christmas tradition with your stockings like laying them at the end of the bed or keeping them by the fireplace??? I would love to know, please comment below.  

Don’t stop reading here, I have two massive giveaways for you below too! 

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*We were sent these items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. I would never promote or recommend something that I didn’t truly love or use myself.  

96 thoughts on “Family Stocking Fillers + Double Giveaway”

  1. I just want a family home for me and P. That’s what we are getting from the 6th January. Love this post, really like that you are giving your little boy a glasses case such a great little stocking filler.

  2. Fluffy socks. Those I live with say I own far too many pairs, but I’d argue otherwise! You can never have enough fluffy socks!

  3. I’ve never had a stocking before in my life so I can’t comment on my best stocking filler. I do have one to hand beside my boys with our names on it but unless I fill it myself lol I don’t get anything in mine

  4. Some noise cancelling earphones would be an ideal stocking filler for me this Christmas although might be a tad expensive? 😉 To be honest contrary to the TV adverts my dentist actually advised me against electronic toothbrushes as he said they weren’t great for sensitive teeth. I’d really like one though so may just ignore him?

  5. Candles 🙂 I love them especially at Christmas! 🙂
    I have used an electric toothbrush before and they are fantastic much easier than a manual brush.

  6. Oooh, I’d love a decent night’s sleep but I guess that’s a) hard to fit in a stocking and b) difficult to make happen!

  7. Would like one of those Lumie alarm clocks or a nutribullet or some slippers.
    and would love to introduce electric toothbrushes to the family

  8. I don’t have a stocking but if I did I would like it filled with socks and yankee candles. Thank you and merry Christmas

  9. I would love to find some lovely Hotel Chocolat goodies,I always buy it for others as gifts but no-one has ever bought any for me !

  10. I’ve used an electric toothbrush for years as has my husband.About two or three years ago I gave one to each of my grown up children one at Christmas and the all love them too,I couldn’t imagine using an ordinary one now x

  11. I current use an electric toothbrush which is much better than my old toothbrush. My best xmas presi was a Links of London necklace and bracelet from my OH

  12. I would like a VR for my phone
    The best pressie I ever got was a silver necklace of my Mum
    I have used an electric tooth brush before, but it got broke


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