Brilliance in Blogging 2015 Awards

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:15 pm

I am not going to lie I almost fell off my seat when the Bibs were announced and I saw my name listed under VIDEO! Yes, video. I know, it has shocked so many of you as much as it did me to see me in this category. I heard many of you gasp, and say well she doesn’t do video really? Or she hasn’t been vlogging long or as often as some other vloggers out there. Yes, this is true. But that’s why I love how they have the Bibs setup because it gives a chance for the underdogs (newbies like me) to get recognized or have a chance to be involved. I have only been vlogging for about six months but it’s been an amazing journey and learning experience for me.

I wish we all could be listed under all the categories we classify ourselves as too. Because we all are amazing and work hard for our blogs. Our blogs are our babies and it feels amazing to get recognized for all your hard work and creativity. I want every blogger out there to be proud of what they do because it’s hard work keeping up a blog. It’s a part of us and we should be proud of what we have created. I think each blog is amazing in its own way.

Being a blogger changed my life, and I am grateful for just making it to the shortlist. I have all of you amazing readers out there to thank for that. You believed in me, you supported me and you have been loyal to me and that brings me to tears that my videos mean something to others as much as they mean to me. I hope you know how much all of you have inspired me too.

I love doing my videos and I have a monthly “Bloggers Insight” interview on my YouTube channel where I interview a different blogger every month and they share their experience and knowledge with us. I started this type of vlogging because I was amazed at how much I learn from other bloggers and how much the blogosphere support and love each other. I wanted to give back to those starting out and those that may want to learn new things by interviewing various types of bloggers and sharing it with everyone. We can learn from each other and we can teach each other. We all have a trick, a tip, advice or experience to share even if we are new bloggers. Technology is forever changing and mind blowing at best so why not support each other?

For those that didn’t know I was a vlogger here are a few interviews I have recently done. Maybe you would like to be my next interviewee and share your knowledge with everyone. (please do get in touch).

Or you can peak at my days out and vacations with my lovely family.

I know my videos still have a long way to being perfect. I am here to document our lives as much as learn and share with everyone. I think it’s all a learning process and hopefully I will continue to get better and better at it. (shakiness and editing too). It’s great to watch videos back and see how much I have already improved in my videos.

For those that have watched my videos I can’t thank you enough for getting me to the shortlist. Its an honor. Its a pleasure to have been recognized for my videos. Thank you ever so much!!!

8 thoughts on “Brilliance in Blogging 2015 Awards”

  1. A huge well done on being shortlisted. I really enjoy your videos so think it’s much deserved 🙂
    Becky x

    • Agreed best of luck to you my babes and you deserve it. I mean come on creator of Mum Talk TV!!! Lol lets celebrate no matter what!!!

  2. I love looking at your videos and have just watched your Centerparcs one again. Looking at your video just brings back all the wonderful memories of our 10 plus visits to Whinfell. Best of luck Jenny as you so deserve to be in the top 5 xx

    • Oh thank you SO much Tracey for your support, encouragement and lovely comment. You have almost made me cry. I am so glad people watch and like my videos and I am learning everyday how to do better and hopefully one day I will think they are perfect. Hahahah thanks again hunny.


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