Letters to him & her ~ #18

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:28 pm

writing letters to my children each week him 

B, you are celebrating life to its fullest with every emotion in the book. It’s so great to see you smiling because lately every five minutes you are whiny, crying, tantruming, smiling, laughing or complaining about something. It’s truly never ending battle of emotions. You are getting bossy and becoming a know it all. You tell me when I am wrong all the time. You ask me to stop calling you Buba as you are not a baby anymore and therefore I respected that and you are now B (or ‘B man’ just to wind you up). I didn’t want you to grow up so fast but I feel like you are doing and with school around the corner, where has my Buba gone? Most people think we call you Bubba but it was actually Boo-ba). It was our nickname for you that meant small and innocent like our little koala bear. So it had more meaning than just bubba. It just stuck from the moment you were born. You have been label that on this very blog since I started it. It’s like the end of an era calling you just B. Its too grown up somehow and too formal. I remember my own mother still calling me by my baby nickname – well she still does to this day. Maybe it’s just a phase that you are embarrassed by it for now and it will pass. Either way you will always be my little boo-ba, Buba! I love you.

writing letters to my children each weekher

MM, it’s only fitting if I cut B’s name down I do so to yours as well. It has nothing to do with you not wanting to be called that. I don’t think girls try to impress their friends as much as boys, being macho, do. My little missy moo you will forever be in my mind as such. It’s also a name that we gave you when you were born. It came out of the blue too and has molded into more of moo-moo as you got older. I think nicknames evolve a little sometimes. You giggle your head off when Daddy chases you and calling out missy moo-moo. I like that he has his own version of nicknames for you then I do. It’s a little secret bond you two have going on that’s so bittersweet. A father / daughter one and I love it. You are talking more and more each day. Your words are becoming sentences and sounded more clear all the time. I love that too. I can’t wait to hear the conversations we will have or the ones you will have with your brother. This age of learning and exploring is just amazing and one of my favorites to witness. Everything is new to you all over again because it now has a name and isn’t just something that was there. You point to everything wanting me to tell you what it’s call and you try to repeat. It’s our new learning game and it makes me giggle so much when you can’t pronounce things, it comes out in such a cute way. You tilt your head to one side to weigh it all in. My little Missy Moo you are just too cute and know it my clever little lady and I love you too.

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8 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #18”

  1. It’s brilliant hearing them learn to speak. The start of proper conversations.

    I love that top photo of B. Such pleasure and excitement. He obviously loved having his photo taken.

    • He was actually running and laughing after granny if you look he is looking pass me. I always think the candid photos of them not knowing I am focusing in on them are the best ones. Thanks hunny. Love the kids having more conversations now.

  2. Lovely and sweet words as always and great photo too. I remember the day when my son started talking as well. So many bloopers that I can still remember! Obe of my fave moment! #LivingArrows

    • Thank you Merlinda. They are growing up way too much. It is so fun listening to the mistakes for sure. Although can be embarrassing too.

  3. Aww their both so sweet, but definitely a bittersweet moment to let go of the baby nicknames! Having said that my Mum called me Miss Muffet her whole life and my sister was Scrabbit so maybe you can sneak them back in as they get bigger again!

    • I hope so as I said my mother still calls me mine. But B is very serious that I shouldn’t call him baby names anymore. Booooo 🙁 they are like mini teenagers sometimes Carie I tell ya. Haha


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