We are a Netflix Stream Team Family

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:13 pm

Netflix Stream Team Family

Have you heard of Netflix? Of course, you have, who hasn’t? Do you love Netflix though as much as I do? It’s not necessarily that I have a lot of time to sit around and watch tv and movies all day but it’s that I fit it around the things I am doing, when I am at home. Netflix is like my buddy when I am home alone and the house is too quiet. It’s there to keep me company when I am cooking dinner and have my ipad set up next to me to catch up on my favorite shows. Or I have it propped up when I am doing laundry and ironing. It’s like that friend that is always there for me when I need it, full of new stories to tell and keep me company.

When I am not fitting Netflix around the housework and it’s a weekend, you can bet I like to have a Netflix binge too. I am not going to lie. I grab a cuppa and I have time to myself, just me and Netflix. When it’s been a particularly busy week and I just want to unwind and chill out, I make some Rainbow Popcorn and I go to My List of shows that I want to watch or currently watching and select one. It’s all there in one spot and a few new recommendations below it, if I fancy something new.

I love the variety of movies and shows that are available and new shows are constantly added too. So many people have asked me if there is updated movies and shows on there to watch and they are getting better and better giving access to all the latest hot stuff to watch. I am really impressed with what’s available at the moment. We have been part of the Netflix family for years but I have seen a lot of improvement in the last year or so.

Naturally, I was excited to be asked to join the #StreamTeam Family of Netflix this year to share the shows we are loving individually and as a family together. There really is something for everyone. The kids absolutely love having their own profile and list of shows to watch for each of them. I love that they can watch it on their devices or on our tv while I can watch something different on my laptop or ipad. Having the option of watching it on a variety of devices works when you have a family that wants to watch something different.

My Favorite Netflix Shows: 

Pretty Little Liars


Orphan Black

Mr P Favorite Netflix Shows:

Sons of Anarchy

How to Get Away With Murder

The Returned

These are definitely ones that make you want to keep watching episode after episode. New episodes are added to some every week so you can be up to date with them. I love that. Don’t forget movies for us adults for date night too. It’s the perfect weekend chill out time with my hubby. There is always something different to choose from action, drama, romance depending on your mood.

Netflix Stream Team Family

B’s Favorite Netflix Shows:


Go Diego Go

Paw Patrol

MM’s Favorite Netflix Shows:

Peppa Pig

Curious George

Bubble Guppies

There are also endless movies the whole family will love to share together too. It’s great when it’s family movie night and we build our tent and watch it together. We love building dens in the living room and all choosing something fun to watch. Having a family evening of popcorn and movie on a Friday night after a long week of busy routines is the perfect evening for us.

Netflix Stream Team Family

Have you tried Netflix? What do you think of it? What are some of your favorite shows for you and your family to watch. Don’t worry I will be sharing all of our top choices and what’s coming soon to Netflix.


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