A letter to Him & Her in June

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My dearest angel, B, I have to start off by apologizing to you for how things have been the last month or so. It’s been way too busy for you and less time for Mommy and Daddy to give you the attention you deserve. More importantly, the patience you need. We have been short fused with you when things haven’t been running smoothly all around and I know that’s hard for you. I think sometimes we forget you are only four years old. We ask and expect so much of you at such a young age and that’s not fair. I am feeling so guilty for being away, for being busier than normal and for not being there for you as much as I should be lately.

You are about to finish your first whole year of school. I can’t believe how fast it’s flown by. It really has me in tears, you are growing up way too fast. I vow to make it up to you and things to go back to being normal around the house. You are such a good little soldier when we need you to be. Yesterday, I got to witness your first ever sports day which proves just how very grown up you really are getting to be. I was a little emotional seeing how many friends were cheering you on as you ran your race and did your best. You really have made a second home with the people in your school and I love that. You seem to love being there too. You are so much stronger, braver and more confident now than when you first started school. I couldn’t be more proud of you. 


My dearest little lady, MM, I have to apologize to you too. If I am guilty of it with your brother, I am guilty of it with you. I have expected way too much of you lately and with so much going on you seem to just be along for the ride. You are so good like that and so carefree. Yet, I feel so guilty not having the time lately to play more independently with you, to cherish your laughter in the last few weeks and to have been away from you. It was hard for me, never think it’s easy for me to go away for a few days. I know you were such a good girl for Granny and Daddy and I am very proud of you for that.

You are coming out of your shell more and more everyday. Your shyness seems to be fading and you are interacting and playing more with kids your age. It’s lovely to watch you change and become that little more independent. You are absolutely flourishing in gymnastics with all you can do and impressing both your coach and mommy. There isn’t a day you don’t make me burst with laughter, break out in a smile or make my heart melt with your cute antics. I promise, I will slow down and together we will make the most of your last year before you start school. I am so excited it’s your birthday on Sunday. How you are three already just blows my mind. We will enjoy celebrating it together as a family, I promise you. 

To both of you, the end of May and beginning of June have been havoc for us all and I am so sorry I didn’t get you your letters written for May for the very first time, in three years. 🙁 But know this, Mommy loves you more than anything in the world and I know you don’t need letters to feel or know that. 


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5 thoughts on “A letter to Him & Her in June”

  1. Ah how cute do they look?! It’s such a busy time of year, hopefully you’ll get to relax more and have more time together when the summer comes round x

    • Thanks Donna, yes I am counting on a slower pace of life at my parents this summer and getting away from it all. The kids and I always feel so peaceful swimming, and lounging around for the summer there. Can’t wait.

  2. These are sweet. I used to write a letter to Monkey Boy every month, but then I stopped. Turtle Boy, because things have been with life, hasn’t really gotten any letters yet. I need to get back to it.

    I enjoy writing letters to my littles, I hope that one day they’ll see that I loved them, struggled, and always tried harder. 🙂

    • It’s never too late to start writing them and flashback letters to them to make up for lost time is always good too. I was the same I was writing them every week now every month and as they get bigger it’s fading. Makes me sad but they grow up so fast don’t they?

  3. Here’s hoping things slow down a little for you very soon. That feeling of guilt is a little monkey isn’t it?! But our little ones don’t love us any less for it – it’s us that feels it more than them…


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