A baby bundle Giveaway for my 3rd Blog Birthday

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:35 am

Baby bundle giveaway for my 3rd Blog Birthday

It’s my blog’s third birthday and a fun baby bundle giveaway to celebrate. I can’t believe it’s been three years ago that I started this little space online. I can’t believe it’s only been three years somedays and other days it feels like I am still so new to everything and everyone in the blogosphere. Each day, this blog brings me new people to engage with, meet, chat with and get to know. I love that about this space. I started my blog because as an Expat family, I wanted to document our daily lives as much as possible for the family and friends back home that can’t be apart of it. It slowly became so much more for me than just a family sharing place. It became my job, my third baby, my friend always there to support me, and a place I was proud of creating.

I can’t believe the amazing people I have met through my blog that I reach out to online and offline on a daily basis now. Even if my blog stopped tomorrow I know these amazing people would continue to touch my life through their blogs and in our offline life too. Meeting people is always a funny thing online. You can talk to them everyday and get to know them online but never have met them in real life and feel connected. I have online friends in other countries that I feel closer to than some of my friends that live down the street. I think it’s because we share so much more when we write our blogs than we do in person, face to face. It’s easier to pour out our feelings of happiness, parenting, emotions in words behind a screen than it is to a person’s face that could possibly show judgement. I love that about blogging.

To celebrate, I normally host a giveaway every day for a whole week, for readers to enter and win fab prizes. However, this year, I wanted to create a hamper full of prizes that make our lives as parents easier with our little ones. Since I started this blog when MM was just four weeks old, I choose to keep the entire bundle a baby theme in honor of her and starting my first blog which quickly became my third baby.


Munchkin Stroller Organizer Plus

Safety 1st Back Seat Organizer

Diono Buggy Tech Tote

Asda George Changing Bag

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sip Cup

Diono Stuff n Scuff Seat Protector

Munchkin Go Nomada Placemat with ridges

Koo-di Car Travel Ipad Holder

Munchkin Car Window SmartShade

Munchkin Soft Touch Stackable Heart Cups (in the bath or out)

Munchkin No table contact Trio of Spoons

MAM First toothbrush

*grey basket is not included*

I wish everyone the best of luck to win. Share on social media for more chances to WIN. I hope you will continue to follow along for many more years to come while this blog space continues to grow, change, and evolve as we life’s amazing journey. I can’t thank you enough for making this space more than just what it began. I hope you have enjoyed reading about our many family adventures, the kids growing up from babies to children, and the many hobbies of food styling, traveling and home interiors that we have shared over the years.
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23 thoughts on “A baby bundle Giveaway for my 3rd Blog Birthday”

  1. My favourite baby must have item is a Sophie the Giraffe. My little boy used it right from when he was tiny (more as a toy to look at), but he still likes to chew on it now even though he’s nearly 2! It definitely soothes his sore gums when he’s teething. Thanks for this fantastic giveaway btw. My second baby is due soon and these baby hamper goodies would be such a blessing!

    • Oh yes we had a few of those between my two it’s definitely one that comes up on every parents baby must have list. Great invention. Oh how exciting for second baby too. I love having two and watching them grow up together is such a blessing.


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